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Our low stools offer the ideal solution for modern homes including small & designer pieces. Find your perfect wooden low stools that work fantastic with your personal bedroom taste at Interior

Our low stools offer the ideal solution for modern homes including small & designer pieces. Find your perfect wooden low stools that work fantastic with your personal bedroom taste at Interior Secrets.

A new reason to enjoy compact spaces

Low stools are ideal for small homes to give your space a visual impact that completes your dining set and enhances the dining furniture experience. You can create a beautiful and welcoming environment in your dining area whether you're short on space or not. With our vast collection of modern low stools, you can now create the perfect dinner setting or breakfast nook, and have sufficient space remaining for other essential furnishings like dining tables and storage pieces. You'll love our stylish bar stools featuring multipurpose designs, so you can extend their functionality beyond the dining room. Depending on your needs, you can opt for simple low stools that wipe-clean, or accent your space with ostentatious pieces bluntly carved in hardwood or upholstered in animal hides.

Low stools designed to excel

Our solid wood low stool collection is not to be missed. So are the other pieces in our range crafted from other fine materials like hard-wearing brushed steel, concrete, natural jute or polycarbonate. All our low stools are built to last and in-tune with the latest trends in Melbourne and Sydney so they can become a defining style feature throughout your home. We work directly with the designers and manufacturers of these amazing stools in our collection, ensuring fine craftsmanship at competitive prices.

Low stool craze

With many low stools to choose out from, you'll find a purpose for them in your home. You can use them for everyday use or only when you need them. They all add a slight decorative touch because of their small size. Having metal, wooden, rattan legs enhances their detail even more. Imagine the looks you will receive when you grab a low stool for them to sit on. Whether it is for sitting or as an accent piece, you'll feel obsessed with our low stools.

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Judy Low Stool - Natural

$250.00  $237.00

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