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7 Outdoor Furniture Trends For Spring

Outdoor furniture design is a unique blend of art and science. A keen eye for detail and an understanding of how to curate a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional are what it takes to create beautiful alfresco spaces that people want to spend time in. Here are some of the latest trends you can expect from outdoor furniture this Spring.
1. Tropical
Tropical-inspired outdoor furniture is a favourite of homeowners in warm climates. The look is unmistakable, with its vibrant colours and bold patterns. But tropical style isn't just for the beach, you can also use it to create an elegant, sophisticated look that pairs perfectly with other design elements like lush greenery or a marble patio. Opt for pieces such as a a wicker egg chair or rope lounge to bring those tropical vibes home. 


Sienna Rope Outdoor Lounge Chair - Coral | Sienna Rope Outdoor Lounge Chair - Dark Green

2. Coastal
Inspiration from coastal living, and the beach, in particular, is a common theme in spring designs. Look for furniture that draws on marine colours and textures like blue-and-white striped cushions or traditional nautical rope furniture. Other ideas include using comfortable fabrics like linen or cotton canvas, as well as wicker furniture, rattan pieces, and bamboo items.
You can also incorporate coastal-inspired decor into your alfresco area with accessories like starfish lanterns and seashell sculptures. If you're feeling adventurous, try adding some driftwood art to your patio or a fish tank full of sea creatures near the entrance of your home.
3. Bohemian
The bohemian style is a mix of the artistic, the free-spirited, and the unconventional. It's perfect for a backyard getaway or any other space that calls for an escape from reality and into nature. Bohemian-inspired pieces will typically include eclectic accessories such as plants, candles, artwork, and outdoor rugs that create a relaxing atmosphere. Mixing patterns and textures is also key to nail this trend.

Sola Outdoor Terrazzo Dining Table - Black

4. Zen Garden
If you love the idea of a tranquil space where you can sit, relax and unwind, then a zen garden might be right for you. Zen gardens are typically small spaces with a variety of plants and stones that are placed in an organized manner to create different shapes and patterns. Our favourite is a blend of terrazzo and greenery. You can also add accessories such as lanterns or fountains to complete the look.
This trend is perfect for those who want to create a space that feels like life in another country. It is also great for anyone who loves plants and greenery but doesn't have much of a green thumb.

Jacque Terrazo Outdoor Side Table- Speckled Charcoal
5. Mid-Century Modern
If you're looking for a way to break away from the classic, traditional styles of outdoor furniture, then mid-century modern might be just what you're looking for. This style is known for being minimalist and geometric.
It was influenced by the post-war era when people were inspired by simple design elements found in modern architecture and design. This style is also known for its use of bold colours and use of natural wood materials.

Glynis Eucalyptus Timber Dining Chair - Beige

6. European-Inspired
The influence of the French and Italian Riviera is a prevalent theme in outdoor furniture design. The use of clean lines and minimalism, along with white or light colors, natural materials, and teak and mahogany have become important elements in outdoor living spaces.

The clean lines found on European-inspired furniture can be seen in their structure as well as their colour choices - white or pastel tones are often used to accentuate the contours of each piece by creating an airy feel within your landscape designs. By incorporating these elements into your space, you will create a refined look that feels both elegant and light-hearted at the same time.

7. Minimalistic

If you want a more modern look, minimalist outdoor dining settings are the way to go. It's characterized by its simplicity and lack of ornamentation as well as sharp angles and straight lines (as opposed to rounded edges). By using this type of design in your space, you can create an environment that feels clean and crisp while still being welcoming!

There are many different ways to design an outdoor space, and it's important to find the right balance between comfort and style. You can create a relaxing environment that also looks great by choosing the right furniture pieces and combining them with other elements to make your outdoor setting more you.