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Styling a Round Coffee Table | Our Top Tips

Round coffee tables are a staple piece of furniture for any living room, but styling a table can often be trickier than styling other units like shelves or desks. This is because there is less space on a coffee table, so you've got to choose your decorations selectively and ensure that they match the room perfectly. Luckily, we've created this guide of top tips on how to style a round coffee table to help you.

Use a Coffee Table Tray

Coffee table trays used to be used for practicality, but now they are a great way to upgrade your round coffee table décor. A simple tray looks great because you can add a variety of different decorations to make it more eye-catching. Alternatively, bright, patterned trays are a great way to make your gold coffee table stand out without you needing to add too many additional ornaments.

Coffee table trays are also a fantastic way to stylise and personalise a living room. A round coffee table in walnut will, naturally, stand out as one of the main
features in the room, so it's important that you make your coffee table look both neat and interesting. Some good items to put on a coffee table tray include flowers, plants, candles, trinkets, books and fruit.

 Alfaro Coffee Table

Alfaro Oak Round Coffee Table | Henry 3 Seater Fabric Sofa


Remember that Less is More

Even if your table has a large surface area, it is always best to remember that less it more when it comes to any sort of interior design. Styling a round coffee table means ensuring that the table itself is still the main centrepiece of the room. Everything on it should look like it belongs there without overcrowding the table or making it look unorganised. Less is more’ can also apply to the sorts of items that you put on the coffee table. For example, if you choose to use a coffee table tray, only display items on the tray, not around it. This will keep focus on the tray and allow you to neaten up your decorations, If you want to decorate more freely, ensure that all your items match and don't cause colour clashes.

Damian 100cm Wooden Round Coffee Table- Black Lucio 4 Seater Sofa- Graphite- Grey


Let your Personality Shine Through

Your home should reflect who you are and the things that you love, and this should be evident to anyone who looks at your coffee table decor. If
you are a bookworm, for instance, you could display some books with beautiful covers on your coffee table, as well as some literary-themed trinkets. This idea allows you to lead with your personality while keeping the coffee table organised.

Another way to inject your personal interests into your coffee table styling is to display a variety of different interests in a minimalistic way. You could have a candle of your favourite scent, a favourite book and a vase with your favourite flowers, all arranged in a visually pleasing way surrounded by chaise lounge or couches. A round coffee table is perfect for displaying items centrally, so you can play with the layout of what you put on the table.


@woolandwillow Nest Of Holloway Wooden Round Coffee Table- Natural 

Embrace an Aesthetic

Even when you're aiming for the 'less is more' look, it can be a good idea to embrace an aesthetic and allow that to guide the rest of your coffee table decorating, For example, a metallic centrepiece would really offset a more simplistic coffee table, calling all attention to the middle of your living room. Similarly, a bohemian aesthetic would also make your coffee table stand out, especially if the rest of the room was quite neutral.

Choosing an aesthetic for your coffee table can be a fun way to style up part of your living room furniture without needing to feel like everything should match. Of course, you don't want your coffee table's style to clash with the rest of the room, but you can create fun centerpieces and decorative coffee
table trays that will style-up the table and make it a feature.


@loftinteriors Marcelo 90cm Round Glass Coffee Table- Brushed Gold Base


Choose the Right Round Coffee Table

Before you even think about decorations, you need to choose the right round coffee table for your living room. This involves deciding how large and what colour you want the table to be. So, if, for instance, you choose a black or white coffee table. you'll want it to match the rest of the room and also look good when paired with your desired decorations. To discover a whole range of beautiful round coffee tables, visit today. Once you've found your dream table. you're just one step away from decorating it and completely transforming your home's interior décor.


@houseofstyling Rogan Round Grey Glass Coffee Table- Black