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How To | Redesign Your Office

Your workplace furniture is a representation of your office culture, so having quality desks are an important feature. Having a functional and attractive environment shows that your company values your team and clients. Picking out desks can feel daunting, especially if you’re trying to match and having an image in your mind of what your office represents. Interior Secrets makes it easy as you can have a wide range of office desks and an easy access to staff  who are always happy to help you providing any kind of support you may need.

Going for an edgy tech start-up company look? Search no further because the Envoy 2.4m Executive Office Desk (Left and Right Return) is superbly situated for your needs. The desk is a zippy black and white with tons of clean lines. This sturdy desk is made of melamine board and is shipped flat. Customers will walk in knowing you mean business sitting behind this smart and timeless piece.

If you are a writer or have any home-based business the Ezra Desk with Storage (which comes in Black and White), is an inspirational place for you to work away at. The desk is both small but reminiscent of an early century writing desk and comes with tons of little drawers to tuck away pens and art supplies. The desk is quite sturdy but some require assembly.

Looking for a minimalist vibe in your office space? Throw down some comfy beanbags and plunk the Hermas Office Desk in Olive Yellow (also in Charcoal and Grey) into your office. This desk is super cute and can be used both as a desk or side table in a small space. It does come with storage, including one flip up lid and one drawer.

Every good office has a boardroom, and the best boardroom tables allow for ample discussion and brainstorming space. The Host Mobile Flip Boardroom Table is a majestic piece of office furniture that would create and invite space for all your team members to vocalise their ideas. It comes with wheels so if you need to move the table to get some new perspective don’t feel shy.

Are you looking to intimidate your business opponents with your office furniture (don’t worry we all want that sometimes)? The Hudson Executive Office Desk in Honey will do the trick with its modern and strong beech timber melamine finish. Keep it clutter free by putting all your office supplies in the drawers, which gives you even more space on top to temple your fingers and keep your employees in suspense. Comes with a lock mechanism to keep all your private files secure. For extra villain vibes place a spotlight right above your desk.

Perhaps you’re looking for a Nordic office environment space. The Leo Computer Desk in Walnut Veneer is sleek and finished in elegant walnut. You don’t have to worry that your pen will roll onto the floor because this desk is surrounded by a functional lip, keep all your office supplies up top. Plus there’s a bonus drawer, which could also hide all your pens and calculators.

A nice clean option for desks is the Halo 1 Seater Office Desk in White is adaptable to any industry environment. It has a sleek modern design that ensures a tidy workspace with ample drawer space.  It also has a nice backboard which allows you to hide from your coworkers as required.

Want to showcase all your family vacation photos? The best way to make this work is having lots of display room in your office. The Niven Modern Workstation comes with a built in display cabinet and would look great with your kids school photos on each shelf. Who said offices couldn’t be personal? It is also very functional as a place to complete desk work and to fil away folders in the cabinet drawers.

Don’t forget to pick out some lounge furniture for a common area at your office. Office desks are thoroughly important because that’s where most of the work happens, but getting some good seats and tables for a collaborative lounge area is very trendy right now. Casual seating allows for greater connection between departments and individual workers. Interior Secrets has a great selections that fulfill all office furniture needs.

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