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How To | Perfecting the Spring Cleaning Season

Reyes 3 Seater Sofa Bed - Moonlight Grey Fabric
 | Kelly Wooden Sideboard - Natural | Helgrim Fabric Armchair - Steel Grey 
| Johansen Scandinavian Coffee Table | Giant Bird of Paradise Artificial Plant.⁠

So you’ve discovered our blog and want to learn the art of perfecting the spring cleaning season? Well, we’re happy to say you’re in safe hands and we’ve got you covered! Once you’ve finished this blog you’ll want to spring into action (pun intended), with confidence + style in mind. So please continue to scroll through to uncover our latest tips + tricks on perfecting your home cleaning + organising. 


Step 1 - Declutter

You may have already guessed it, but no spring cleaning session can start without first decluttering your home. In order to create an open space that allows for mobility and calm, you may need to consider removing excess items or items that you no longer use. 

The trick to effectively letting go of excess items is through asking yourself a series of questions to better understand what you do need and what you don’t, such as:
  • When did I last wear/use this?
  • How does this item make me feel? E.g.: excited or indifferent. 
  • Will I use this product or is it purely sentimental?
  • Do I have room for this?
  • Is there a specific space where I can store this?
Once you narrow down the items you don’t want to keep, start placing it into boxes and bags, ready to be dropped off to your local charity store or clothing bin. You’ll be elevating your space and giving back! 

Whether you prefer to clean room by room or through focusing on a category, the choice is yours. As long as you don’t forget this step! Creating a checklist with a room by room guide of tasks and items you don’t want to miss, can also be very helpful. 

Kelly Wooden Sideboard - Natural | Helgrim Fabric Armchair - Steel Grey.

Step 2 - Clean + Re-Organise 

With your excess items gone you’ll now have more room to store and display your beloved goods. Don’t forget to give your space a wipe down and a thorough vacuum to create a fresh and clean-feeling home.  Take this opportunity to play around with your furniture setting and consider what fixtures you may need to create your dream organised space. 

After all, the more storage the better right? Our go-to items to help open up and organise a room includes a chest of drawers, a bookshelf, and a bedside table. Not only will this provide more options in arranging your home, but it’ll create interesting layers and height in the overall aesthetic.

To create a clean home that’ll last, ensure you have a home for each and every item. That way you’ll be able to put it back after every use. 

Kelly Wooden Sideboard - Natural.

Step 3 - Final Touches 

At this point your home should already be coming together, add the final pieces with some minimal decor and green features such as some blooms, plants, and home accessories to complete the new and improved look. This will add that touch of vibrancy and vitality into the room. 

Create interesting vignettes with our newest selection of mirrors and vases. Or even consider worn-down or overly loved pieces that may need replacing, such as upgrading your sofa or bedframe, for that instant touch of charm and modern feature. 

What’s the final step? Sit down, relax, and enjoy your new and renewed space! And don’t forget to check out our Instagram for the latest inspo + tips on how to perfect the home.