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How To | Home Styling With Winter Colours

Bolton Wooden TV Unit | Delta Summer 2 Wall Art.

It’s that time of the year where the season changes from warm days to cooler weather and longer nights. In prep for the full-fledged winter season, it’s time to get your home winter-ready. How to achieve warmth and style in the abode for these colder months? Layering up your furnishings, introducing pops of colour, adding recycled timber pieces, and welcoming those outdoor elements into the home. Still unsure? We’ll gladly tell you how!

Avante Side Cupboard - Walnut | Tilt Wine Wall Art | Roma Velvet Cushion - Clay.

Hues of Winter

Colours play such an important role in the home through evoking certain emotions such as a sense of warmth and calm. Alternating your colour palette to mark the start of a season is the easiest way to welcome a new look into your space with warm and elegant velvet cushions

Autumn home decorating has to first and foremost start with the colour scheme. Think of a rich autumnal colour palette consisting of burnt orange, mustard, red, brown, and plum. Such a beautiful range right? Select a few complementary colours that capture your eye and set this as the colour theme for your space.

Denmark 3 Seater Sofa - Green Velvet | Burton Coffee Table | Domenic Buffet Unit | Cape Cod Summer Wall Art.

All About Textures

Utilising a colour scheme doesn’t have to be an intimidating feat. If you’re unsure of where to start, think about replacing your smaller décor items for the tones and shades that you’ve selected for your new autumn look. Switching out your décor pieces such as cushions, ornaments, vases and wall art is a quick and easy way to achieve this. If you’re feeling bold and brave, feel free to introduce larger accent pieces through lounge chairs, dining chairs and plush sofas.

Introducing lavish textures and heavier fabrics is another great way to create that ideal cocooning experience. Layer up your furnishings and in turn, amp up your comfort. Throw rugs, added pillows and a rug are a great way to bring home texture and warmth.


The Finishing Details 

Don’t forget to switch out those finer details and trade out your summer features. Such as replacing those light and floral scents for a more earthy and spicy aroma. For your lighting solutions, opt for a moodier setting to enhance your interiors with a soft and warm touch. Creating a calming mood lighting in your space is easy with table lamps, floor lamps and pendant lights.


From coastal and summery interiors to cosier looks, transitioning your home should be a fun and rewarding activity! Have a play around with different settings that suit your taste and find what works best for your home. The key is to create warmth in the home and to refresh the colour palette, and to create the best homely experience for you.