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What's Trending? 2021 Interior Design Trends

With the start of a new year, you may be considering updating your home. If you’re unsure where to start, we’ve compiled a list of the anticipated styles that'll be trending in 2021. If you’re feeling inspired, read on to see how you can incorporate these looks and refresh your home for the new year. Here's our insights into the 2021 Interior Design trends. 

Calming Coastal 

We saw this style taking shape in 2020, with many homes and interiors being designed to reflect ocean and coastal escapes. The undermining idea of this style is to bring relaxing, laid-back vibes into the home, especially since the previous year was predominantly spent indoors. To incorporate this style inside your home, opt for earthy and grounded shades. Choose whitewash walls as a foundation and incorporate beige, charcoal, camel, and blue tones to create a coastal vision. 

Marlin Teak Rattan Insert Armchair - Natural.


A common feature we’ve seen in coastal homes are pendant lights. When an item appears to be floating above or adjacent to a kitchen benchtop, it gives the illusion of added space. Rattan and cane furniture pieces bring texture into this theme whilst creating a light and airy feel. If you have timber flooring, choose to leave the boards bare without coverage from a rug or floor mat. This will further enhance the calming coastal vibe. 

Dean Wooden Dining Chair - White | Replica Recycled Cardboard Pendant Lamp - Bell | Marion Sand White Cushions Rattan Armchair - Distress Natural.


Modern Industrial 

Ever thought about bringing wood flooring, exposed brick walls, and metal into your home? This might seem like a bold idea but there's now a name for this - modern industrial design. If you already have exposed brick walls, then you’re halfway there! Raw walls, exposed bricks, resins, and concrete give an industrial, unfinished look which pair with modern furniture perfectly.

Edwin Reclaimed Elm Wood 2.4m Dining Table - Upgraded Top.


Lighter wooden furniture such as a dining table, entertainment unit or buffet will create the perfect industrial feel for your home. Opt for dark dining chairs and other accents to contrast with the light wood. The skillful composition of all these elements will allow you to obtain different interpretations of your home: industrial but modern and original. When choosing your decor, remember to avoid using plush fabrics as it could clash with the industrial environment. Accessorise with large wall art, metal structures, and other interesting objects guaranteed to start a conversation.
Edwin Reclaimed Elm Wood 2.4m Dining Table - Upgraded Top | Alfie Dining Chair - Black | Bound 2 Framed Wall Art Print.


Neutral Luxe 

As we move to make our homes feel more cultivated, neutral luxe is going to be a common trend in 2021. It’s anticipated that we’re going to be having people over more often therefore will want to display quality materials that feel plush and inviting. 

Think of beige and brown as your base colour palette and use black and white as your accents. Embrace stone/marble in your coffeeconsole or side tables. Bold coloured statement pieces like velvet cushions will be sure to add the luxe factor to your living space. Opt for curved sofas or armchairs and interesting profiles on sideboards and buffets. Your furniture should be accompanied with soft and cosy rugs underfoot.

Hunter Round Marble Coffee Table - Natural. 

With a neutral luxe theme, it’s important to create balance between coziness and elegance. Most average homes lack the necessary decor to create the right ambience. Accessorise with detail-packed vases and sculptural ornaments to add sophistication and class to your space.
Chapman 3 Seater Fabric Sofa- Light Texture Grey | Roma 55cm Velvet Cushion - Clay | Robin 100cm Round Marble Coffee Table.


Embracing Nature 

Biophilia is a term that refers to connecting living spaces with nature to create a calm, wellness-promoting, uncluttered environment. The emphasis is on earthy colour palettes and warm, natural textures and materials.

Stella Magnolia Bush Artificial Plant.

Indoor and artificial plants have become increasingly popular as a way to bring calming effects into the home To create this ambience, consider using tropical wall art to refresh and create an energising style that’s  guaranteed to create a focal point in your space. Coordinating tropical art designs with contemporary furniture and decor is one of the key elements of this style.

Darrel 1.5m Round Wooden Dining Table - Full Black | Monsteria Vine Artificial Plant | Desert Palm 1 Framed Wall Art Print.

Contemporary Rustic 

This style blends the old and the new, combining classic and contemporary furniture cohesively. To inject this style into your own home, simply incorporate a piece that has a mid-century style or opt for an antique design. The contrast between modern touches and antique additions will make the space feel more collected and lived in. 

Roger Elm Wood Side Board and Buffet.

In most modern rustic spaces, you’ll see materials such as wood and stone. Whether this is in the form of a coffee table or decor, the warm tones of wood are always welcomed. The addition of modern furniture combined  with natural materials is what makes the most stunning spaces. However, this  doesn’t necessarily mean all elements of the space must be considered modern. You can easily choose one or two statement pieces to get the point across.
Kyoto Premium Coffee Table - Walnut | Denmark Fabric Armchair - Light Texture Grey | Bolton 1.5m Wooden Buffet Unit - Natural with Rattan Door.


It can be difficult to stay up to date with changing Interior design trends and which styles to incorporate into your own space. If you decide to take the plunge and opt for a new style in your home, our tip is to make sure it suits your own personality and style. Every person’s taste is individual and it’s important to create a space that you’re proud of and that’s truly yours.