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Posts tagged: Lighting

How To | Finding the Right Floor Lamp

A floor lamp can not only beautiful decor touch to any room but it also provides much-needed light to your space. With the right floor lamps you can change the look of your home permanently. Here are some tips on finding the right floor lamps available from Interior Secrets. Each of these top-quality designs...

Interior Spotlight | Decorating with Table and Floor Lamps

Aside from providing essential lighting to just about any room, lamps are also an essential element of décor and ambiance. Making a significant impact on the overall aesthetic of your living space, table and floor lamps can provide a quick décor update without breaking the bank. In order to generate ample illumination and enhance your style, every home needs...

How To | Interior Lighting Design Ideas

Subtle as they may be, often the essence of a room is completed thanks to its lighting. Common areas such as kitchens and dining rooms are sometimes darker than we’d like, while the bed and bathrooms could do with new fixtures, perhaps with dimming features to set a more suitable mood? Here are a few lighting ideas you may find...

How To | 7 Design Tips to Spruce up Your Home for Summer

With the summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to bring colour and life into your home. If you can’t experiment with colours, shapes and patterns in summer, when can you? We say now is the time to indulge your individuality, both indoors and out. Brighten things up with pops of colour. Experiment with eye-catching lights and...

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