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How To | Our 2019 Christmas Gift Guide - Gifts For Mums and Dads

Christmas is a stressful time of year and buying gifts for the special family and friends in your life can be a difficult and hectic task!  If you’ve left your shopping to the last minute (don’t worry you’re not the only ones) we have a couple of ideas that will help along your way to finding the perfect gift for your loved ones. Read our 2019 Christmas Gift Guide below.


Gifts for Dads

Is it just us or are Dads so hard to buy for? Years back we’d resort to gifting DVDs or books, a necessity of the early 00’s. Now that everything is online or digital it’s difficult to find the perfect gift for that main man in your life. If you’re dad is the type of person to appreciate his own space (or is lucky enough to have a man cave) why not buy him the essentials to create his own home office? Even if he doesn’t have a study or specific room for this, you only need enough space for a few items and BAM he has his own dedicated office space!


We love walnut tones at the moment, especially for a home office desk. Deeper shades of brown add warmness to a space which is otherwise utilised for mundane everyday tasks. When choosing a home office desk, ensure that it has some form of storage such as a small drawer or shelving. As much as we love our Dads, sometimes organisation isn’t their strong point! So providing an item that has built in storage features, will ensure their desk stays clean and organised. Or at least gives the impression that it is! 


Koda Table Lamp Brushed Grey - Natural | Isotta Home Office Desk – WalnutKoda Table Lamp Brushed Grey


A table lamp is a necessity if you are creating a home office space. Opt for a lamp that is mid-size to ensure it gives off enough light but doesn’t make the desk look or feel cramped. If you’re worried about space, a floor lamp is the way to go offering sturdiness and optimal light without overcrowding the desk space!


Finally every desk space needs a comfortable seat and your Dad will appreciate one that looks good and feels even better to sit on. Ergonomic Office Chairs are made with high-quality materials that provide support, cushion and postural comfort. This is important given your Dad will be spending a lot of time in this space so investing in a good quality Ergonomic chair will be beneficial in the long run.


Atlas Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair | Eames Chair - Replica Executive Office Chair | Hass Office Chair.


Our personal favourite is the Atlas Mesh Ergonomic Chair which maintains a modern design whilst still providing the supportive comfort for your Dad’s daily activities. If you’d prefer to purchase something more on the grand side of things, you can’t go past the Eames Chair. It’s as comfortable as a lounge chair but still features a multi-function mechanism that allows your Dad to adjust his position to multiple angles. Plus, it’s made from soft black Italian leather that your Dad is sure to love!


Gifts for His Wish-list – Our 2019 Christmas Gift Ideas


  • The Ultimate Lounge Chair: Create the feeling of the movies or gold class in your home with our Alita Fabric Armchair. It’s bold and offers optimal lounging comfort. He will love it!
  • Get Organised: A bookshelf is a great gift idea for the men in your life. Perfect for the bookworms or those who love to cook (we’re picking up Jamie Oliver vibes here) it’s the ideal way to give him a practical and useful gift that he’ll definitely use.
  • For the wine lovers: If the man in your life loves his wines, a bar cabinet or bar cart is a great option for him to store his vintage ranges or favourite spirits. 


Alita Fabric Armchair With Chaise |  Mayson Bookshelf | Avante 2 Doors Side Cupboard


Gifts for Mums  

“I don’t need anything” is generally the response you’ll get when you ask your Mum what she’d like for Christmas. But more importantly, Christmas is the perfect time to ask what does your Mum want? It’s very common that our Mums will purchase something they need rather than spoil themselves with something they want. So it’s your job to step in and do all the spoiling!


Nook Armchair - Light Texture Grey.

Why not start with an armchair? It’s a versatile piece for any area of the home. She can choose to position it in the bedroom as a place to get ready, in the corner of a room to create an intimate reading nook or in the living space where it will become known as “Mum’s chair.” A piece in a light shade will suit almost any space and will add a touch of femininity to its surrounds.

Denmark Armchair - Dusty Blush with Natural Legs | Lena fabric Armchair In Beige - Golden Legs | Helgrim Armchair - Steel Grey.  


We all love having optimal storage in a home and we’re sure your Mum does too! A simple buffet unit is perfect to store those special occasion dinner plates or books and decor. Our personal favourite is our Talia Buffet Unit. It’s a simple and sleek design that is versatile for any office, dining or lounge space.

Talia Buffet Unit - Natural Oak.

A side table is also a great gift idea for your Mum, given this piece can be used as either a lounge side table or bedside table. We love opting for something a little different that is still in line with your mum’s taste and home styling but adds that extra statement she might not necessarily make herself! 

Cassian Marble Side Table | Cane Scandinavian Side Table In Oak | Santiago Lamp Side Table. 


Christmas is the time of giving, so gift your Mum with a side table like the Cassian Marble Side Table or the Cane Scandinavian Side Table. The intricate details of the Cassian Side Table make it a stand out piece in any space and the marble adds a touch of glamour, because well it’s Christmas and we all need a little sparkle in our lives! The Cane is a great option for something a little more simplified but its shape and features make it a unique addition to the bedroom or lounge area. It also has hidden storage so your Mum can keep her side table clutter free!


Gifts for Her Wish-list – Our 2019 Christmas Gift Ideas


  • Reflect back on 2019: Give the special girl in your life a mirror she will appreciate. Full length is definitely the way to go! Change it up a little by veering away from rectangular shapes and opt for something in an oval or arch shape.
  • Beauty Sleep: Let her bring in 2020 with a new bed! We love a bold velvet option to add a wow factor to her space.
  • Relax + Rejuvenate: Everyone deserves to put their feet up and relax this time of year, so look at options which provide maximum comfort at an affordable cost. We love an ottoman or footrest to take the stress out of Christmas!

Bjorn Arch Floor Mirror  | Hillsdale Queen Bed Frame - Navy Velvet | Tara Ottoman.


Coming up with gift ideas for Christmas can be a hard task especially at the last minute. You know that special person in your life best, so whichever gift you decide on they will love. We just thought we would help you along the way!


We wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas and can’t wait to bring you more tips, styles and blog content in the New Year! From the Interior Secrets Team x