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Styling Your Bedroom | Our Top 5 Tips

Maybe you’re decorating your first home, or maybe you just feel like your current bedroom needs a bit of a ‘refresh’. Updating your bedroom furniture or creating a new layout in your room is one of the easiest and fastest ways for you to give your house a new vibe, whether it’s as simple as switching out a key piece, or as extensive as a totally new room.
But where do you start? With design trends always changing, and so many different furniture options to consider, it can feel a bit overwhelming. Here at Interior Secrets we eat, sleep and breathe interior design so we’ve collected some of our top tips to help you find the perfect layout for your new bedroom.

Measure Your Room

A surprising amount of people skip this step! It’s important to measure your room, especially if you’re looking at getting larger furniture pieces like a king bed or a large chest of drawers. As a general rule, opt for at least 30% of the space in your bedroom to be open space so that you can move around freely.
Ensure to measure any nooks tucked into the walls, you’ll be surprised how much extra value you can squeeze in by slotting small bookshelves or pieces of art into those areas.

Start With Your Bed

Your bed is the centre of your bedroom so most people prefer to start their room layout with the piece. A queen size bed is a safe bet for most master bedrooms because it is big enough for two people but not so big that it takes up the entire space.
To elevate the look of your bed, add in unique and interesting bed frames or bed heads. Nail a 70s look with a soft velvet frame, or go for something a little more boho with lightweight rattan.

Maximize Table Space

Bedside tables are a fantastic addition both for style and function. If your bed is situated in the centre of a wall, a walnut side table on either side can create nice symmetry for the room. Walnut side tables give a classic look to your bedroom area.
Opt for something sleek and simple, if you only really need a surface to leave a book and a glass of water or if you have the space then you can invest in a larger unit with drawers for storage.
Want to add a touch of a luxury to your space? A dressing table can do just that. You can add a small, thin table which could be used for ‘finishing touch’ items like perfume, jewellery and watches, or save counter space in your bathroom by setting up a larger dressing table with storage for makeup or styling tools.

Use Lighting To Tie In Your Style

When trying to create a cohesive style in your bedroom, lighting can be a really easy way to add function and flair. If you’re wanting to add a modern edge, a metal lamp can be a simple way to do that, it can provide a small pop of industrial style without overpowering the room.
Floor lamps are a perfect item to tie the theme of a room together. If your colours or textures don't seem to be matching in your room, the right floor lamp can bridge the gap.
It’s important to consider what type of lighting they will provide your room. Are you wanting your room to feel bright, light and airy? Or a little darker and moody? Your lighting choices can make or break these themes.


Play With Unique Pieces

Once you have the core items above nailed, hopefully you’ll feel a little more confident with your own personal style. Now’s the time to step out of the box and play around with something a little unique or different that reflects your specific taste.
You could look at creating a beautiful reading nook, with an accent chair and unique bookshelf. By adding a corner like this, you can turn your room into the perfect spot to spend a little me-time. This extends the practical living space of your house and can make a huge difference in the mood of the room.
A statement mirror can almost act as a piece of art in the room, from sleek and modern to large ornate pieces, you’re bound to find a mirror that fits your personal taste. Not only do they look great but the right mirror size and placement can make the room feel bigger or smaller, which you can tailor to your personal style.

What next?

Now it’s your turn to start playing around! Room design and decorating should be fun, not stressful. If you’re not enjoying the process then you can always get the staple pieces in and work on the statement items over a period of time, so that it can grow and change organically with your sense of style. Happy styling!