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Interior Spotlight | Lounge Chair Love Affair

Handcrafted lounge chairs can be a huge focal point for any room. Whether you are sitting back and watching TV or looking for a functional chair that you can use for relaxing and reflecting, a lounge chair is a great addition to your living room or your study. Lounge chairs allow you to recline and enjoy your surroundings in a very soothing position. With fabric styled armchairs and lounge chairs in many styles, you can enjoy finding ideal occasional chairs, rocking chairs and lounge chairs from Interior Secrets!

Here are some of the top lounge chairs which are available for purchase from the Interior Secrets online store. Keep any of these top options in mind if you are interested in getting some of the best handcrafted furniture direct from Australian furniture manufacturers:

Helgrim Fabric Armchair: For a more traditional fabric armchair that would look right at home in any type of office or living room, the Helgrim model is great because it comes in a variety of colors and finishes. This lounge chair does in this early recline but it does offer an extremely comfortable nursing chair or television chair that would look ideal in almost any room. With a solid lately stained frame as well as heavy cushions you can enjoy a chair that’s finished in denim as well as solid fabrics. Available on sale currently these chairs are some of the finest for getting extra seating space in any room or for getting access to the perfect low sunken reading chair.


Replica Finn Jhul 45 Lounge chair: This chair is based off of a replica designer chair that was a standard for many office lounges. The Finn Juhl furniture line todays extremely rare and many furniture collectors would seek out this look in their home. If you are interested in a more classical rare lounge chair modelled after the NV-45 which is based off of the Scandinavian design, you should strongly consider this solid lounge chair design. Most of these original chairs sometimes retail for thousands of dollars but the re-creation of this chair which was produced between 1930 to 1946 is an absolute treasure that would suit almost any space.

Hans Wegner Replica rocking chair: The Hans Wegner PP 124 rocking chair is a classic Scandinavian design that has made its way into furniture design through the mid-century. Many of these antique pieces today retail for thousands of dollars but this replica style rocking chair will allow you to get the same midcentury look without having to break the bank. Styled not only after the original design but created using some of the same materials, this beautiful rocking chair is available from interior secrets and in a style that is built to last just as long as some of the original walnut rockers. Own a traditional rocking chair today with this unique replica piece.

Le Corbusier LC4 replica chaise lounge chair is the perfect way that you can bring the comfort of a chaise lounge that you might use outside to your living room. With several pieces that would look great in your living room or in a reading room, these recliner chairs could truly allow you to relax and unwind by helping you put your feet up in unmatched elegance. With strong metal frames as well as leather and vinyl materials which are built for years of use. Don't miss out on modular sofas and chaise lounges that are ideal for enjoying seating.

Swan lounge chair Arne Jacobsen Replica: The swan lounge chair is designed to resemble the shape of a swan as it begins to take off into flight. This chair is also a bit of an egg chair with its sloping back and rounded sides. With a unique design this could be a focal point for any room as well as a very comfortable lounge chair that is built out of premium materials. Consider this piece for the ultimate functional art piece for your home or an excellent reading chair.