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How To | Totally Transforming a Space Using Lounge Chairs

Every room has its focal point. In the living room, the couch and coffee table typically get the most attention. The bed is the star of most bedrooms. A grand desk usually draws the eye of people walking into an office.

Although larger pieces of furniture are typically the stars of home decor, that’s no reason to abandon style or comfort in your smaller pieces. Lounge chairs are particularly useful for accenting a room or creating independent seating areas apart from your typical sofa setup. Equally useful at home and in the office, a well-chosen lounge chair can really bring together the elements of a room. Whether you’re updating currently-existing decor or starting from scratch, here are a few ways that lounge chairs can help take any room from blah to beautiful.

Lounging in the Living Room

If you have a large family or frequently host big groups of guests, lots of living room seating is a must. People will often choose a sectional sofa to provide seating for a small crowd. If sectionals aren’t your style, a stylish sofa and helgrim fabric armchair will work just as well. Rather than having one sectional that’s all the same color and material, lounge chairs give you the opportunity to complement your sofa by pairing it with differing colors and textures.

For a large living room, consider creating two separate seating areas. Envision a large living space with a television at one end and a fireplace at the other. In front of the television, you would create an entertainment area with a sofa and coffee table. Near the fireplace, you’d design a conversation area with a couple of comfortable armchairs and an ottoman that would serve as both a footrest and a coffee table. Whether you’re designing one seating area or two, lounge chairs can help break up the monotony in a space and extend your seating options.

Create a Reading Nook

While many people tend to think of lounge chairs as being living room furniture, one of the best places to use them is the bedroom. If you have ample bedroom space, why not create a reading nook? A comfortable lounge chair provides the perfect place to while away lazy hours while lost in the pages of a book. Whether your chair should be an armchair or be armless is up to you, but a plank fabric replica armchair creates a particularly wonderful reading perch. Choose a side table to place next to your chair and keep it piled with books so that you’ll never run out.

Make sure your reading chair is deep enough that you can tuck your legs up into it and relax. Otherwise, pair it with an ottoman so you can stretch out and relax. To really stretch out, opt for an attractive chaise lounge chair instead of an upright chair. These adjustable lounge chairs guarantee that your reading time will quickly turn into nap time.

Make Your Office an Inviting Space

Whether you have a home office or work in a formal office setting, lounge chairs are a sophisticated way to dress your work space up. If you frequently host meetings in your personal office, a synthetic leather lounge chair with clean, contemporary lines can add comfort and professional punch.

Lounge chairs are for more than your private office, however. When you have clients or valuable guests in your waiting area, making a good first impression on them is important. Rather than seating them on hard and uncomfortable chairs, why not seat them in style? A set of sleek, black armchairs with metal accents will have them waiting comfortably. They’ll look fabulous, setting a powerful and professional tone in the common areas of your office.

Look at your home or Office with New Eyes

With these tips in mind, go home or take a look around your office and view it with a fresh perspective. Is there a potential to create a more comfortable space? Can you accent your existing furniture or trade out pieces in order to get a fresh and updated look? Is it possible to design an entirely new seating area in your living room or bedroom? With the addition of a few lounge chairs, the answers to all of these questions is likely a resounding “yes!”

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