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How to | Festive Dining + Tablescapes Inspired by Nature

Most of this year has been spent indoors and our exposure to natural elements has been very minimal, so why not bring nature inside your home for this festive season? As a little gift to you, here is a guide on how to create an aesthetic dining and tables-cape inspired by nature. We’ve taken the guesswork out of decorating so you can get back to your gift shopping and spend time with your loved ones!


Layer up textures. 

o begin your dining table, the first thing you’ll need is a simple white linen tablecloth to lay across your table. To add some depth to the setting, add a light coloured runner along your table and weave it throughout the middle. This is going to make a perfect base for the accents we’ll add later.

To create a gentle contrast to the white tablecloth and runner, opt for a white plate set with a copper side plate placed on top to add a bit of luxe to your table. This will add a modern twist to the Christmas colour palette.

Add natural accents

Now it’s time to add your green accents to create a more natural, lively setting. To add a more festive feel to your table, take trimmings from the Christmas tree along with a few pinecones and scatter them across your runner.

Elga Recycled Elm Dining Table | Henrik Dining Chair - Hans Wegner Replica | Felix 2 Framed Wall Art Print.


Add dimension + height 

If you want the table focus to be separated, keep the eye wandering with tall candlesticks. When burned, candles create a cosy, warm ambience, making them essential to your dining room setting. You can also scatter low tea lights across the table for added layers.



Pick simple accessories

To complement your dinner plates, add a rose gold or copper cutlery set instead of the usual stainless-steel set. To make your plate sets stand out, place linen napkins on top of your plate sets. Tie each one with twine and a pine trimming - a small detail guaranteed to not go unnoticed.

Consider your seating

Now that your dining table is looking perfect, it’s important to assess your dining chairs as no guest wants to be seated uncomfortably! Now is the perfect time to pick up some new chairs if you don’t have enough for your holiday company or if the ones you have now are due for replacing. Upholstered chairs are perfect for the dining room; the fabric adds texture and colour to any dining room.


Deena Dining Chair - Ruby Red Velvet.

Extra storage

Having an extra surface to hold platters of food or beverages is very important and a great idea when entertaining and hosting Christmas dinner parties. If you need to store mini bottles of alcoholic drinks, soft drinks and water, a bar cart will be the perfect addition. A console table or buffet is another way you may store food as they can be used to set platters and bowls on. Each one of these items can be decorated with pine trimmings to match your dining to add to the overall festive vibe in your home.
Tapia 1.6m Sideboard Unit | Weldon Glass Bar Cart | Ortega 1.8m Console Table - Messmate.


These are just a few ways to create a festive natural setting in your home for the Christmas season approaching. We’d love to see your completed festive dining and tablescapes inspired by us - tag @InteriorSecrets in your Instagram posts!