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How to | Leave Work At Home While Working From Home

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing millions to work from home, it may be hard transitioning from the office to home. Many different issues come with working from home - whether that be how to stay productive, how to create an efficient space or how to stop overworking? These stressors brought on by uncertainty, and lack of boundaries could cause a working from home (WFH) burnout. So the question is, how can we leave work at work while WFH, and how do we create a space that helps alleviate some of these concerns? Read on to find out!


Separate your home space from your workspace

The first step is to separate your home from your workspace. In some household setups this may prove to be difficult, however even by just designating an unused corner in your house, it’s amazing how much this will help you transition from home life to work life. Unsure what to add to your home office? We’re here to help you out! 

Joshua Narrow Wood Console Table - BlackJanell 2.3m Left Return Office DeskBelinda Wooden Home Office Desk - Natural.

Think of everything you would have in a regular office and design your home office around that. Every office needs to start with a desk, however picking the right one can be difficult. You can  opt for a simple and classic desk like our Belinda home office desk that has enough room for your office essentials. If you have a larger surface area to cover, you may opt for a larger desk with ample storage space like our Janell office desk which will embalm your workspace with a clean aesthetic. 

The next step is to have an office chair that is comfortable and offers enough support to get you through long work days. Take our Atlas ergonomic office chair for example, it’s built with a head rest, to keep you feeling well supported while you sit back and work! If you’re wanting to add a little charm and high-end style to your office space instead, our Alba office chair will be perfect for you!

Amos Office Chair - Charcoal with White Base | Atlas Ergonomic Office Chair With Head Rest - Black Leather | Ernesto Space Blue Fabric Office Chair - White Base.

Lastly, ensure you have enough storage space if your work requires large books or folders on hand. There’s nothing worse than not being able to find something important when you need it most! Bring extra storage into your space with our Mayson bookshelf to complement your modern styled workspace.



Set realistic goals and track your progress

Now you are ready to begin working productively. It is important to set goals for yourself and keep track of them, even if it is just by writing them down. To further encourage yourself, you may want to add a reward system to your set tasks! Did you finish a project ahead of time? Or did you finish all tasks for the week? Reward yourself with your favourite dessert or by eating out at a nice restaurant! 


Set working hours and stick to them

When you’re working from home, it may be hard to mentally switch-off or to avoid overtime. Ensure that your work and home life are kept separate and that you avoid habits such as checking emails outside of work hours! Self-management and discipline are most important in the WFH situation. It is essential to set strict working hours for yourself to prevent burnout.


Build your mental and physical health 

Staying connected with workmates or friends will strengthen your mental health and allow for conversation and bonding, especially if they are also in the same situation! 

Don’t forget to incorporate a little break such as a quick stretch away from your office desk or even a short 10-minute walk to freshen up your mind and body, and to reduce fatigue. This will in turn help you stay productive and finish your working days on a positive note.

When you carefully design and manage your work schedule, you’ll begin to see a balance in your home space and workspace, therefore reducing potential burnouts. With our tips and tricks you'll create a positive and productive WFH environment!