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Interior Spotlight | 3 Pieces to Maximize Your Office Productivity

Working a job can be hard, but your chair doesn’t have to be!  Comfort is an important aspect in every workplace. There have been many studies conducted based on how the furniture we use affects our bodies. Ergonomics plays a large role in how people select their furniture.

Here at Interior Secrets, we keep comfort and usability in mind, all while making our furniture beautiful.  Form and function both matter!  Do you work alone in your home office, or do you have a rented office space that needs to be supplied with several of the essentials?  We have the secret to the three categories of furniture that you need to in order provide maximum comfort and functionality so that you can maximize office productivity.

Office Chairs
If you’re in an office all day, you usually spend the majority of your time sitting in a chair.  It’s not backbreaking work, but poor posture as a result of an uncomfortable chair can start to cause damage to your body.  Stylish chairs are great for photo ops, but you need a chair that offers both beautiful design and full support for your body.  Here are our top picks for office chairs that are stylish and supportive.

Executive Office Chair – Eames Replica

The Eames brother and sister design duo created iconic designs that are easily recognizable and highly sought after.  This executive chair is no different.  The durable plywood outer structure of the chair combined with the soft black leather padding make for a classic statement.  A high and adjustable back provide much-needed support.  The possibilities of the chair back angle variations help make this chair just right for you.

Soft Pad Management Boardroom Office Chair – Eames Replica

Grouped around a boardroom table or alone at your desk, this Eames replica chair offers great versatility. Using the many controls that it offers, it can be adjusted to whatever makes you most comfortable.  It offers a 360° swivel so that you can easily turn to view your surroundings; the casters are removable, so you can have a more static chair if that is what you need; and the arms are also removable, making the chair compatible with desks.  The base is made from lightweight aluminum with a chrome finish, making it easy to move.  To achieve maximum comfort and personalization, you can adjust the back tilt, back tension, and height with three simple controls.

Office Desks
If an office chair is akin to a throne, then your desk is like a pulpit at which you deliver the most important messages of your career. The executive desk is a spacious one that compliments your office and doesn’t conflict with your chair.  We could share hundreds with you, but we’d rather share just this one.  You’re going to love it.

Evolve Executive Office Desk – Walnut
The Evolve Executive Desk combines deep and rich wood tones of a traditional executive desk with the sleek and super functional design of modern office furniture. The elongated working surface provides plenty of space to spread different projects out, as well as enough area to cover the bonus storage compartment that it provides. Visitors to your office can browse books or photos in the front nook of the storage area while you file papers and keep a few snacks in the compartments on your side of the desk. A multifunctional desk like this is the perfect solution for any office space!

Storage Cabinets
Organization is an ultimate contributor to how productive you can be.  Papers, files, and supplies scattered all over your new desk creates distracting clutter and can cause you to temporarily lose many important items.  The remedy to a messy work area is a stylish storage cabinets to organize all of your important work within.  These two choices can help you whether your storage needs are big or small.

Excel 2 Drawer Lateral Filing Cabinet With Cupboard
For ample storage space, the Excel 2 Drawer Lateral Filing Cabinet with Cupboard is just what your office needs. Instead of the cold industrial look of a standard cabinet, this storage solution looks beautiful enough to place in your home. The center storage and filing drawers provide ample room for placing important documents. The drawers are very secure and are able to be locked with a key. On either side of the central drawers are two cabinets to store less sensitive material, such as office supplies.

When it is time for an office update or time to furnish a new office, Interior Secrets has the solutions for all of your needs.  If you want to make a stylish and productive work-space, these and many other items will facilitate you in making the best design choices to complete your work tasks.  Shop Interior Secrets, but don’t keep it a secret.  Your colleagues and friends will ask you where you purchased your savvy office furniture.  Tell them, “I found it at Interior Secrets!”