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Keep it Clean

Be honest, we all have a pile of clothes either on the chair or floor that we hate to clean up. Whether it’s a new year’s resolution or another task to tick-off your list, a big clean-up (one that involves throwing your things out) can be a daunting task. But it’s a worthwhile task that will give you fresh and organised joy.


The Bedroom

We spend plenty of time in our private sanctuaries getting away from the daily, outside world, stresses. So, having plenty of storage to keep the daily clutter away is important. You want a place to retreat to, not come home to more messes that will stress you out!

Kenston 6 Drawer Wide Chest - Oak.

Tip: Chest of drawers are a great option if your space doesn’t have any built-in storage.

Trick: Fold and store your clothes upright so it’s easier to see what you have at a glance!


Hampton Side Table - Natural - Black.


Tip: Bedside tables are convenient, small, and perfect additions to the bedroom for extra surface space

Trick: Look for bedside tables with drawers for extra storage for your knick-knacks, like glasses, jewellery, or lip balms. Avoid overfilling or storing random items here. You’ll end up with more clutter than you intended!

 Franco Bedside Table - Natural Oak.


The Living Room

If there’s one room in your home that absolutely needs storage, it’s the living room. As for the entertainment centre of your home, there will be plenty of objects to store away – like appliance cords, DVDs or games, or other electronics.

There’s an entertainment unit for every style. From the big to the small, you can find plenty of storage from our TV unit range.

Alto Entertainment TV Unit with Natural Drawers - Black Frame.

Tip: Always measure your space first before searching for your new entertainment unit. It’ll help narrow down the search and you’ll know what options are available.

Trick: Opt for entertainment units with doors, not open storage, for a cleaner, sleek, and cohesive appearance.


The Kitchen

Sometimes, you just need more storage. Especially if your kitchen doesn’t have a lot of cupboard space for all of your dishware and glassware. Keep them safe and out of harm’s way.

Talia Buffet Unit - Natural Oak.


Tip: Determine how much storage you need and how much space you have to add a sideboard and buffet.

Trick: Short on space? Opt for tall and compact cabinets instead of a large buffet. You can still store all of your fragile dishware and glassware in a safe and stylish spot!


Avante Side Cupboard - Black Veneer