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How to | Host Pal-entine's Day

If you haven't come across Pal-entine's Day before, now is the time to embrace it. Palentine's Day is about celebrating every form of love. From your besties, to your co-workers, chosen families and even your four-legged friends! It falls on February 13, which gives you just enough time to plan out how you will be celebrating those most meaningful in your life. Lucky for you, we've got a couple of ideas that will help a pal out. 


Get Creative + Crafty 

Learning a new hobby with friends can be a great way to bond and enjoy each other's company especially if it involves being creative! A perfect activity for this occasion is terrarium making. Terrariums are small gardens situated inside a glass bowl making them a perfect decor piece on a tabletop or hung inside the home. They are beautiful focal points for any room and require little maintenance. Plus, they are easy to build making them a fun afternoon activity for you and your pals!  


Miriam 2.4m Wooden Dining Table.



Bake Your Heart Out 

If you're the chef of the group, spend the day hosting a cooking party. Show off your culinary skills and impress your friends by teaching them a new recipe. Alternatively, if you all love cooking up a storm in the kitchen, host a delicious bake-off to see who can get the most creative in the kitchen. Bake the same recipe and judge who has made it the best!  Gather around the dining table and create scoring categories such as taste, appearance and creativity. If you want to save time, have your guests bake a dessert prior to attending. This is a fun way to taste multiple dishes and ensure there is ample time for the rest of the night’s activities!



Bottomless Brunch 

First things first, dress your dining table with fresh blooms or artificial plants, your nicest cocktail glasses and cutlery set. It’s all about presentation. Get prepared early, because no one wants to be stressed on Pal-entine’s Day! Stock up on pastries, serve French toast or whip up some poached eggs and hollandaise.

The key for a successful cocktail area is to offer simple drinks with easy to remember ratios that your pals can make themselves. Oh and don’t forget to stock the bar cart! A drink that can be made in advance is ideal, large batch cocktails will be perfect for this. Add edible flowers to the glass, it’s a special touch that will make a difference! 


Bonnie 2m Wooden Buffet Unit | Esther 3 Fabric Seater Sofa | Garret Wooden Dining Chair | Javier 1.8m Dining Table.


Wine + Movie Night 

Jump into your most comfortable pyjamas and get ready to gossip with your friends over endless glasses of wine. Gather around your TV and ensure your guests have the comfiest seating available. Opt for a sofa like our Denmark 3 seater that offers a comfortable and homey seating experience. Choose a classic feel-good film that will be sure to leave you and your guests in stitches or in tears! Have a coffee table nearby to allow easy access to wine top ups and treats to snack on! Popcorn, maltesers and wine... the perfect movie night combo!

Denmark 3 Seater Fabric Sofa | Denmark Fabric Armchair

Spending time with your loved ones is essential especially when it can be hard to  get everyone together at the same time. Despite what events you plan or decide on, being in each other’s company is a sure guarantee to turn out a fun-filled night! Happy Pal-entine’s Day lovers!