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How To | Sprucing Up Your Living Space with Modern Furniture

Is your living space needing a breath of fresh air? Create the living room of your dreams with these tips from Interior Secrets.

Today's living spaces are responsible for many things - from entertaining guests and family gatherings to being a premier location for binge-watching the latest Netflix series. Some of us are looking for a comfortable and relaxing space; others want something stylish or super modern. 

Regardless of your style preference, adding some new pieces to your living room, such as sofas, armchairs, rocking chairs, bookshelves, coffee tables, can create a space that will look and feel like your own.

Are you ready to spruce up your living areas? Here are some tips for how to use furniture to boost your living room's look and feel. From sofas and armchairs to bookshelves, coffee tables, and rocking chairs, you'll find something for every room in your home.

Lucio 4 Seater Right Chaise Fabric Sofa - Graphite GreyDamian 100cm Wooden Round Coffee Table - Black.

With so many styles and colors to choose from, finding the perfect sofa for your living area is a breeze. Pick one with clean lines or plenty of cushions; leather, fabric, faux fur - you name it! 

Whether they're upholstered or come in different fabrics like corduroy, velvet, tweed, and more, armchairs are a great choice for living areas. They can be used in the bedroom or even as an extra reading chair by your window. 

Randolph 2 Seater Fabric Sofa Bed - Cloudy GreyMayson Bookshelf - Natural Oak.

From classics to cookbooks to travel guides - bookshelves are perfect for displaying your favorite books, magazines, and more. Opt for open shelves with plenty of space on top, so you have somewhere to display your favorite vases or other decor.

Rocking Chairs
Whether you're rocking your baby to sleep, reading a book, or just enjoying some quiet time by yourself - there's nothing quite like that perfect family rocking chair. If space is limited in the living area where you want one, look into getting an armchair with rockers instead. 

Rogan Round Grey Glass Coffee Table - BlackTroy Fabric Armchair - Blush.

Coffee Tables
The perfect spot to set down a cup of joe and your favorite magazines, coffee tables are the key pieces when it comes to living area furniture. You'll find something in every room - whether you're looking for glass, wood, or metal, and for designs in round or square shapes.

Great storage solutions that will keep your living area looking neat and tidy. Opt for open shelves or cabinets with doors so you can store away things like blankets, sheets, and other items that take up too much space on the floor.


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