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Product Focus | Taking Your Look To New Heights With Barstools

Apollo PU Bar Stool - Full Black | Bethan 65cm Wooden Bar Stool - Natural | Set Of 2 - Duke 80cm Fabric Bar Stool in Black.

Elevating the home is no easy feat but with the right pieces and carefully selected style, you can absolutely perfect your space. One detail that is often overlooked is the type of counter/bar stools selected for the kitchen area or home bar. Choosing the right bar stool for your space requires attention to many specs such as size, material and colour. Need a little help? We’ve got you covered.

@our.carlisle.indiana | Rachel 65cm Plastic Seat Bar Stool - Black 


First and foremost, you need to consider the bar stool height requirement. To ensure you can be seated comfortably, it’s important to ensure the right amount of room is left between the kitchen counter or home bar and the top of the bar stool. A 30cm difference from the end of the counter to the top of the bar stool is the recommended height. The measuring tape will be your best friend so go ahead and whip this out + nail those bar stool dimensions!  

Tight on space? Opt for a low stool. Need something a little taller? Think slender legs and exaggerated silhouettes.

@builderswife | James 65cm Timber Seat Bar Stool - Black. 

The next factor to consider is the use of the barstools and where they’ll be placed. It’ll also be handy to consider who will be getting the most use out of the barstools. Will it be used to dine at the kitchen counter, for guests in your bar area or for your children? For everyday use bar stools, we highly recommend looking at seating with back support, for something to entertain guests with - we recommend something a little more style-driven and chic. For kids - something on the more compact side with a sturdy construction would be a great choice.
If you really want to elevate your bar stool space, consider a charming bar stool and table set. Low on storage? Bring in a nifty bar cart, bar cabinet or sideboard for easy storage and access to your favourite liquor or spirits range.


@elisawatson_photography + @rmhhomelottery | Allen Bar Stool - White.


The final characteristic to take note of is the overall style used in your space. After all, you want something that’s cohesive and will enliven the room. There are many different types of bar stools that differ in materials, shapes, and added features. For a classic bar stool look, opt for a wooden build or rattan upholstery. For something a little fancier, think velvet or a slender black form.

@mediabyhugh | Set of 2 - Duke 65cm Fabric Bar Stool - Dark Grey.

Your step from perfecting your bar stools in the kitchen or the rest of the home is online + one click away. Don’t let your bar stools fall flat, explore dining with fast Australia-wide delivery today. Or for more home inspiration don’t forget to check out our Instagram.