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Trend Alert | 2021 Autumn-Inspired Interior Design

With the summer season done and dusted, it may be time to start thinking about how we can refresh our spaces to suit those colder days + bring warmth into your home. We’ve created some quick autumn design ideas and expert-approved tips that’ll guarantee you a cosy home, ideal for those peaceful + comfort-filled nights. 


The first step we like to focus on is the change in colour scheme. Colours play such a powerful role in creating a certain atmosphere in the home. And for the 2021 autumn interior trend, incorporating earthy hues that instil a sense of calm and flow, is absolutely in! It’s nice to bring elements of the outdoor world into the home through rich colours and textures, such as: purples, greys, oranges, blues, browns and greens. Think colours with a darker undertone like olive and clay, rather than pastels or fluorescents. 

A common misconception is to incorporate a coloured-theme through larger furniture pieces and pricey accessories. For us, a little goes a long way! Utilising decor pieces using homewares like plants, wall art, and mirrors are an effective way to execute this autumn-inspired transformation. 
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To take it up a notch, add smaller-scale pieces such as a console, side table or linear bookshelf. Not only will you be able to stick to your colour scheme but you’ll gain more storage for your autumn-based activities! 

Textures + Layers

The second step is to amp up the cosiness through textures and layers. Want to create an autumn-inspired home that feels welcoming and warm? Feature a geometric vignette on the coffee table, pile on the cushions and throw rug onto your chaise lounge or anchor your space with a nifty floor rug. This will keep the eye sweeping across the room, creating interest and charm. 

Lavish finishes and materials such as soft velvet, cable knits, soft fur, and tassel detailing add a lovely dimension to the room, whilst also providing those snug and soothing vibes. 

Bolton 2.2m Wooden TV Entertainment Unit (only available in black) + Delta Summer 2 Wall Art Print.

Scents + Sight

For the final step, we usually focus on adding that extra something that solidifies the autumn experience. Introducing lighting into any room is a classic way to achieve function, decor, and the perfect ambience. Mood or dimmer lighting settings can invoke a sense of tranquillity and peace. They certainly don’t call it mood lighting for nothing!

There are many ways to subtly incorporate mood lightings to further your autumn interior styling, such as creatively placed table lamps, floor lamps, and an array of candles. Otherwise, if you’d like the lighting to play a more focal part in your room - don’t shy away from a sophisticated pendant solution.

Other popular finishing touches include the use of essential oils or wax candles like vanilla, caramel or chai. Spicy or creamier scents do very well in increasing the ambience. Lastly, welcoming home an element of flora such as your favourite plants or seasonal blooms will tie the space together in a chic and effortless way. 
Bolton 2.2m Wooden TV Entertainment Unit (only available in black) + Delta Summer 2 Wall Art Print.

From balmy summer nights to cosy days-in, we’ve got you covered. To view more autumn interior decorating ideas, tips and tricks, feel free to subscribe to our inspo newsletter or Instagram. Plus don’t forget to snap and tag us in your stunning home refresh!