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How to | Winter Bedroom Detox

Carmella Side Table Set.
Long gone are the warm days and sun-filled nights. Say hello to a darker palette, ample layers & toasty vibes. Since we’ll be spending more time at home and indoors, it’s important to create your very own winter wonderland - filled with gorgeous corners and a warm ambience. We’ll show you how to start the winter season with a home that’s fresh, yet still super cosy (with inspo from @shiftpropertystyling of course!).

New Bedroom Beginnings 

First things first - set aside some time for yourself, so you can work slowly and simply enjoy the process of detoxing. What’s our go to trick in having fun and not treating it like a chore? Pop on some lo-fi tunes or pump your favourite go-to tracks! Whether this means Beyonce or some Dua Lipa, we won’t judge. This will help set an easy-going ambience with all the motivation you’ll need!  The next step will be, clean. Where to start? Anywhere! There’s no right or wrong. Allow yourself to focus on one area instead of the overall room, this will help avoid feeling overwhelmed. Rid yourself of the items that you no longer have room for or simply just don’t love or need. But - don’t throw these items out, take them to your closest charity bin or op-shop. You’ll be clearing out your home + donating for a greater cause.  Take advantage of this process and sort through your piles of mess or clutter. Consider bedroom furniture pieces you might need to help with this new and improved set-up. A bedroom dresser or chest of drawers will be able to give you ample storage options with added privacy. A console will allow for a sleek and minimal display, and a shelf will be perfect for bringing in a stylish touch. Displaying your treasures like this will give it the home it deserves! 
 Jaxson Bedside Table.

Looking Stylish + Ready

Now that your space is looking squeaky clean and well detoxed - it’s time to bring in that style and design that you like. A simple way to refresh your whole bedroom look is through changing the colour scheme - you can play around with different bedroom decor including bedding, bedside tables, throw rugs, and cushions This also doesn’t have to mean sticking to one colour palette. Feel free to play around with the bedroom colour scheme and find out what colours work best together. Pairing mint green with muted greys or shades of brown with white is a very iconic look for the year! Don’t forget to include cosy layers with different textures and pillow + cushion sizes.  If your bed frame or other bedroom furniture is looking a little worse for wear - it’s also a great time to consider an update. Don’t forget to match the frame or bedside table to the overall style and colour scheme you’re going for. This may mean looking for a Scandinavian piece or a contemporary design instead.  

Cane Scandinavian Oak Side Table.

The Finishing Touches

Bring an end to your bedroom clean with the bedroom decor. Personalising your space with the things you adore and have interest in will help to complete a space that is loved + inspiring. This may mean featuring some plants from your green collection or adding in some wall art with abstract or photographic prints.  A lamp is also a great way to create a cosy ambience so choose your bedroom lights wisely! If you enjoy some light night time reading, a table lamp is the ideal option for you. If you’re looking to add further depth and geometric interest into your space, we recommend opting for a floor lamp. Don’t forget to bring in a rug if you really want to amp up the cosy vibes + perfect that winter layering. 

Hampton Side Table - Oak
With all of these cosy tips, you’re now ready to begin detoxing your very own bedroom! Plus don’t forget to take a snap of your new and improved bedroom design + ideas. We’d love to see your new winter wonderland ❤️