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How To | Choose a Side Table For Your Living Room + Bedroom

In every superhero movie, the hero relies on their supportive and strong side-kick. One cannot succeed without the other. In fact, it’s fair to say that a hero would be lost without their oh so important side-kick. The same can be said for your sofa and bed. Both need their own sturdy and reliable side-kicks to get the job done + complete the look. Enter the side table. It’s a piece that can often be overlooked but we’re here to remind you why this piece is a standout in itself and should most definitely be a feature in your own home. 


They’re Versatile. 

In our opinion the versatility of a side table can be highly underrated. Not only are they easily movable around your space, a side table in your living room gives you the ability to introduce additional textures into your space, whilst acting as a resting nook for your coffee mugs or a novel. Given they are higher than coffee tables they are better suited for this purpose and you can easily nuzzle your side table with your sofa for easy access. Plus you’ll keep your coffee table cluster free! 


Charlene Wooden Side Table - Natural.


Side tables also give you the freedom to add decor items seamlessly into your living room. Intrigued to know how do you decorate a side table in a living room? Add some greenery or artificial plants for colour or a sculptural decor piece that allows you to inject your personality into the space. 


They provide out-of-sight storage.

Looking for a side table for your bedroom? We’d all be a little lost without bedside tables. They really are an essential storage solution in any bedroom. Perfect for your reading lamp, book, candle or a plant friend they are the side-kick you and your bed need. Plus if you opt for a side table with a drawer or two like our Huston Bedside Table you’ll have a place to store your bedside essentials out of sight and at arm's length. Perfect.  


Hampton Side Table.
Image source @shiftpropertystyling.


They fill a space (but not too much!) 

If you love a side table or two in your space, please note: there is such a thing as too many. So the question we need to ask is how many side tables should there be in a living room or bedroom? This really is dependent on your space and set-up but we’d stick to the rule of two. 


Asta SQ Wooden Bedside Table.
Image source @restyleco 


Yes they provide storage but also you need to allow your other furniture pieces to breathe. Make sure you purchase the right amount for your space. If your bedroom space allows it, opt for two. If not, one will do you just fine. You’d rather have the extra empty space, than a bedroom that feels overly cramped.


They look good.

Side tables come in a range of styles and designs and have the ability to reinvigorate a space. Add a natural and subtle touch to your space with a wooden side table or choose a side table made from marble to inject a textural element and colour. 


Polly Side Table


A white bedside table is ideal for those with patterned or coloured bedding and cushions. Our Hugo or Beau Side Table are a perfect understated option! A side table also has the ability to add a sculptural element to your chosen room adding intricate patterns or metal details like our Massima Side Table. There are a range of options at your fingertips!  Wondering where to buy a side table? Check out our range of side tables available online and hunt down your own perfect side-kick.