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How To | Create Your Perfect Mood Board

Planning out the perfect space can be daunting – especially when the space is empty. Should I have a feature wall? What colour is currently trending? Timber flooring, polished concrete, or tile? And what’s up with velvet? So many questions! [Insert panic here].


Luckily we have the answer - two words, nine letters: mood board. This handy collage technique helps you visualise your dream room without the commitment. So stop your array of paint swatches on the wall, and put that sixth pillow that isn’t quite the right shade of blush down – we’re here to walk you through the world of mood boards.


It’s All in the Research

Research is the key for any new venture, and luckily it doesn’t require a perfect formula to complete. The first and most simple step is establishing which room needs your styling touch, and then you’re ready to source inspiration.


Inspiration can be found anywhere – social media tags, social media profiles, magazines, blogs, books, and websites, even browsing in-store. There isn’t a right or wrong answer as to where you should source your content from; however, there is a right answer on how you should be searching for it. After mid-century design? Look up hashtags like #retrohome, #vintageliving, and #70sInteriors, or search for the mid-century category page under a furniture website. The more specific you are, the better your result.


Trend Watching

Like the start of every year, a list of trends will surface. These trends can be as simple and minute as welcoming plants into your home, or an investment, like a teal velvet couch with brass legs. Regardless, shifts in style occur for a reason, and more often than not their presence can withstand the test of time.


Our Tip: Gain trend inspiration through colour palettes and materials
Denmark in Velvet Green | Ray Rattan Bedhead | Penley TV Unit.


Laying it Out

You don’t need to own fancy design programs in order to layout your mood board. There are a multitude of apps and websites available at your disposal. You can even take a more hands-on approach and take cut-outs from interior magazines to assemble your collage.


Kyoto in Natural OakArabella Wall ArtHelsinki Blush Rug | Denmark in Graphite GreyBjorn Oval in BlushJohansen in Natural Petra Armchair. 


Keeping a simple layout will help your ideas look clear, however, there is no definitive rule when it comes to how your board looks. It’s your project, your ideas, and if it appeals to you, then you’ve done it right.

Nonla Pendant LampFranz FootrestVanessa Office DeskSofa Pad in Light BrownLin Wall ClockLogan Planter BoxRupert SideboardLogan in Black