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Expert Interview | Styling Your Living Space With Shift Property Styling

We’ve called on Hobart’s dream team Shift Property Styling to provide the ultimate tips on perfecting your furniture placement and maximising the space in your living room. From their clever styling techniques to extensive design knowledge, Shift Property Styling redefines spaces and transforms properties, into warm and inviting homes. Whether you’re looking to re-style your home or preparing it for sale, you’re in good hands with these tips + tricks.


Why is the placement of living room furniture so important?

The living room is one of the most used spaces in your home, so it’s important to create a cohesive environment that everyone can enjoy. It’s just as important that the room promotes good traffic flow, allows you to move around freely and unobstructed, and so serves its purpose of being comfortable to live in. Your furniture placement is the key to functionality as well as presentation.


Photo credit: Shift Property Styling


So, how can we achieve the right mix between functionality + presentation?

Your furniture layout should have balance, which in design terms implies that one side is the same ‘visual weight’ as the other, even if the furniture is different. For example, a sofa on one side and two armchairs on the other. Keep in mind that dark colours and patterns carry more visual weight. One big misconception is that if you have a large living area you should push the furniture up against the wall. If there is a lot of free space, bringing your sofas and armchairs closer together can create a cosy atmosphere that enables everybody to converse with ease.


Trent Wooden Buffet Unit.
Photo credit: Shift Property Styling

Most times we opt to make the TV the focal point in our living room. Are we doing it wrong?!

Whilst it’s important in most households to be able to watch TV comfortably from the sofa, this should not be your room’s focal point. Instead, try to draw the eye to a piece of artwork or an architectural feature, like a bay window or a fireplace. When arranging your living room, the orientation of your furniture will depend on the focal point. Have your main sofa facing towards the focal point, with your armchairs facing in a conversational manner towards the sofa over a shared coffee table.


Denmark Armchair - Metal Grey | Denmark 3 Seater With Right Chaise - Metal Grey.
Photo credit: Shift Property Styling

Important tip: 

When purchasing furniture, keep in mind size and style. What may look great on the showroom floor may not look the same in your modest living room space. Measure your room carefully and mark the dimensions of the furniture on the floor using masking tape. Take particular care with the depth of furniture as this can take up significant space in your living room very quickly. Another important tip? Tie the space together with a large area rug which will help create a ‘zone’ within your room, as well as soften the space.


Apart from sofas and armchairs, what other furniture pieces will help create harmony and interest in a living room?

Coffee tables and side tables are not only functional for drinks, but they create an elegant balance in a lounge space, and can add accent colours that can bring the whole room together. A stack of nice hard cover books or greenery in the form of a plant will also work to add extra life.


Kenston 1.8m Wooden TV Entertainment Unit - Natural.
 Photo credit: Shift Property Styling


We want to create a moody feel in our lounge space. How can we achieve this?

We always love the feeling of a floor lamp in the corner as it adds an element of height to the room, but also adds mood lighting in the evenings. If there is no room for a floor lamp, a table lamp on a console table or side table will work just as well.


Important tip:

Don’t forget that sometimes less can be more in the living room, so don’t overload it with unnecessary furniture items or accessories. From here, look at your cushion placement and start styling the space to match your personality.


 Joanna Sofa - Dark Spec Grey | Albin Scandinavian Set of Tables - Natural
Photo credit: Shift Property Styling