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How To | Setting up Your Working-From-Home Office

Joshua Narrow Console Table - Black + Set of 2 Alfie Dining Chair - Grey + Albany II Wall Art.

With the rise in employers adopting a mobile work nature, creating your working from home station is a very important factor in keeping your mental health in check, staying motivated, and keeping your workload at bay. The ideal work space might not always be a possibility but establishing a well set-up office is highly beneficial. Wondering where to start? We’ve got you covered!

Layout + space
The first factor to consider like any home refurbishing or re-decorating, is to first and foremost pay attention to your space and desired arrangement. If you already have a designated room then you’re already set! If not, choose a space or nook that you’ll be able to use solely as a workstation.  Ideally your home office will be outside of the bedroom, however, if this isn’t an option try to locate your work space furthest from the bed and ensure you create very pronounced zones between the two. What does this mean? It means avoid working from your bed or relaxing at your desk! This mental association will help you to stay unconsciously relaxed or productive in the right places. Furthermore, don’t forget to choose a spot with proper lighting and airflow, this will make a world of difference in how you work and feel. Try to choose a space with adequate lighting, that isn’t too bright nor too dark. Working near a window or scenic view will also help to keep the mind fresh and the motivation going! 

Carter Low Back Office Chair
Furniture + Technology
There are many variations of office furniture and choosing the right office chair or office desk can be a headache. Try to simplify this task by basing it on the style, shape, and amount of space you’ll need to work comfortably and what will fit cohesively with your existing furnishing. If you want superior space and storage look towards a corner or executive office desk, if you want something with innate style, steer towards a Scandinavian white desk. Include your personal work style when setting up the room as this may mean investing more in a standing high bench table or an office chair fitted with dense padding. 
Be sure to also include technology that is related to what you do! This might mean a printer, webcam, headset - that way you’re not having to move around constantly or risk being distracted. Keep in mind to set up other software that will enable you to stay connected during this time and to allow yourself to check-in/ support your colleagues like you would in your formal office. 

Joshua Narrow Console Table - Black + Yolanda Ottomoan - Light Grey + Flo Table Lamp + Albany II Wall Art.
Ergonomics + Finishing Touches
Now that your office set-up and furniture hunt is complete, it’s time for our final tips and tricks!  Proper office ergonomics focuses on the correct chair and desk height, adequate space and mobility, and ensuring good posture. Position your office chair and scandinavian desk at a well functional level where you’re able to sit straight and be well supported. 
Creating a routine and sticking to a schedule is the most effective way to remain grounded and to instil a sense of normality. This may mean getting ready like you’re heading into the office, having a morning workout, and this definitely means getting out of your pyjamas (unfortunately)!
Our final tip is to not overlook decor - personalising your space whether that be with ornaments, wall art or your favourite plant will keep it cosy and filled with positive energy. Don’t forget to take mini breaks throughout the day - a short coffee/tea or stretching break never hurt anyone!