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Trend Alert | Shades of Luck to Bring Into the Home

More than just festivities and good food, the mark of Lunar New Year (or commonly referred to as Chinese New Year) is a very significant one. Filled with history and many traditions, you’ll see Lunar New Year is celebrated by a whole community of Asian countries, and varied cultures. 

What makes this time so important? It symbolises one cycle of the moon, meaning the start of a new year and of course, new beginnings! This celebration lasts for a total of 15 days, and so in true Lunar New Year spirit, we’ve created the perfect guide to preparing for the year and bringing good luck shades, and rituals into the home.


Aurea 3 Seater Sofa | Ian Console Table - Golden Frame | Cecilia Wingback Armchair.


Year of the Rat

Following the Chinese Zodiac, 2020 will be the Year of the Rat. Although not as cute as Year of the Rabbit or as revered as Year of the Dragon, the Rat is a very understated icon. Year of the rat promises a fulfilling year, filled with growth, success, and a string of accomplishments. Who doesn’t like the sound of that? 

To pay homage, and to up the good luck, you’ll be seeing a lot of grey features! A quick and easy styling piece can include a tufted statement sofa or a well-loved textured rug. You can spruce any living space with a dash of grey - to anchor the room and to help achieve an effortless colour cohesion. 

Because the Lunar New Year is always celebrated, by a gathering of family and friends at home, why not impress by hosting and adhering to the shade of the year?  

Troy 3 Seater Right Chaise Sofa | Robin Marble Coffee Table | Alicia Side Table.

Take-Two for Fortune

Other lucky colours for the year include tones of white and blue, used to express this year’s Chinese Element - metal. These colour schemes are not as strict as they may seem, but we love to incorporate a clean, and uplifting pop of colour into the space anyway!

You can include soothing shades of blue through plush accent pillows, featuring different textures such as silk and velvet. A marble coffee table or terrazzo side table, is another great touch to add into the room for easy decor-display, and added comfort and convenience.

Keeping your house free from mess and clutter is a very important way to ring in the day, and of course, is a great ritual to uphold for the rest of the year.


Nook Armchair - Light Texture Grey | Alicia Side Table.

Luck to Last 

Red is another colour you’ll be seeing a lot during this time! Like Christmas day or other highly celebrated events, gift giving is a large part of the Lunar New Year. This includes assorted gift-baskets wrapped in red cellophane given to parents and other older family members. And of course, the infamous lucky red envelopes, given to young children and elders. 

The tints and shades of red are a very auspicious colour, used to symbolise luck, joy, wealth, and to ward off evil. So feel free to stock up your homes with red accents through ceramic vases, a chic armchair, and an eye-catching floor lamp, throughout the year. 

*Other colours and items used to usher in good fortune include: flowers and plants (like cherry and plum blossoms), and brushed gold items


The Lunar New Year is a time of immense joy, and being surrounded by family and friends. It’s the perfect time to pre-prep the house, and to have fun with adding bursts of lucky shades, and vibrant colours into the home. We highly recommend further reading into Lunar New Year do’s and don’ts, they’re a lot of fun to know!