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Trend Alert | Contemporary Eclectic Living

Contemporary Eclectic Living - it’s a style that might seem unfamiliar to some, but is steadily and surely on the rise. We’ve channeled these vibes in our latest collection. Think all black pieces with marble tones + subtle retro elements. Intrigued? We’ll show you how to inject this style into your living space! 


Contemporary Styling

Mix up the tones and materials in your space. Marble features + coloured accents will offset all-black pieces to create a stunning contrast. Add colour to your space with simple décor pieces such as a vase, accessory or small structural element. Not only will this inject varying hues into your space, it will also add a flare of your personality and individual style. We understand that the marble trend isn’t for everyone. A simple coffee table or side table with marble elements will bring softness to the space and an alternative texture. 


Hunter Marble Coffee Table 


Eclectic Decor

Don't be afraid to up your decor game with unique structural accents + bold prints. A bold piece of wall art, whether a painting or a photograph can add vibrancy and tie all of the elements of the room together. To capture this style, we suggest darker toned art pieces that are moody and intriguing, such as our Peony Night Wall Art Print


Edmund Console Table | Thistle Portrait 1 Small Wall Art Print. 

Adding a floor lamp to your space is not only practical but gives you the opportunity to incorporate more forms and structures to your styling. Opting for a lamp without a shade opens up the room making the light a standalone feature. Use these accessories to spark interest in the room and enhance the eclectic vibes you’re after. 


Flo Terazzo Floor Lamp. 


Retro Elements

Seek out pieces that add a retro touch to your home. If you haven’t opted for at least one terrazzo piece in your home, we suggest doing so. You won’t regret it! You can seek out this much loved pattern in almost anything. From a side table, décor piece or a cushion, it’s a pattern and texture that isn’t going anywhere and will add character to any room. Terrazzo just has this way of adding a retro feel without feeling like you’ve been transported back to the 70’s. 


Arline 3 Seater Lounge Chair .

Rattan is also one of those materials that gives us all the retro vibes and we’re here for it. You can find rattan elements on a number of pieces including sofas, lounge chairs or storage pieces. Rattan will freshen up your room as it adds natural components that offset the darker moody tones in your contemporary space. 


Castro Rattan Armchair - Black | Danny 3 Seater Sofa | Marion Rattan Armchair - Natural.


We know that Contemporary Eclectic Living might not be for everyone but why not trying even elements of this style in your own home? Whether you start with a rattan piece or simple terrazzo décor pieces, we can guarantee you’ll start to see why this style is trending. Happy shopping!