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How To | The Importance of Sleep + Creating a Resting Haven

After the busy period of last year’s December rush, it’s time to finally allow yourself to take a break. And by having a break we mean getting into a good sleep ritual + ensuring quality sleep is at the top of your 2020 list. Why the emphasis on sleep? Because the way we live and function is greatly affected by how many hours we’re getting in every night, and of course, the standard of sleep we’re getting. 

Sleep strengthens our memory, health, eating habits, mood, and in turn the quality of life! Needless to say, the bedroom space + resting corners of a room are highly important in the home. Yes that’s right, we’re encouraging more naps (YAY), better sleep rituals, and creating a dreamy bedroom. So say goodbye to that lack of concentration + early morning crankiness! 


Amanda 3 Seater Sofa Bed - Light Grey | Linda Coffee Table | Alicia Side Table | Cactus Country Wall Art | Mountain Ash Vase Artificial Plant.


So how can you ensure you’re getting better sleep and more of it? One way is through creating the perfect space. Whether it's your bedroom or a resting nook, it's important to ensure a relaxing ambience, a clean room, and a calming interior. Your furniture and home decor will go a long way in creating the vibe that you want.

Choosing the right bed such as a traditional bed or sofa bed is the most important factor. It’d be very difficult to fall asleep on a squeaky or lumpy bed, so choose your bedding with care and be sure to shortlist a few options. The next factor is to include other room necessities such as a minimal bedside table or a sleek coffee table. 

Trent Wood Buffet Unit | Betty Lounge Chair - Dark Grey | Hale Side Table - Walnut | Autumn Storm Wall Art.


Creating the perfect bedroom and resting space is all about ensuring convenience, storage, and personalisation. Allow yourself easy storage and mobility with a side table or buffet, so you can have a designated home for your everyday belongings, like your phone or clock. Don’t forget to decorate your room the way you like, such as with an array of plants, a velvet armchair, or with a cosy rug.

Now that your room looks stellar, what’s next? Creating your bedtime rituals and getting into a relaxing routine! Once again, personalising your ritual is all about discovering what you enjoy and find calming.

Amanda 3 Seater Sofa Bed - Light Grey | Linda Coffee Table | Heath Lounge Chair | Alicia Side Table | Cactus Country Wall Art | Mountain Ash Vase Artificial Plant.

A bedtime ritual could be something as simple as lighting a few vanilla candles, having a warm cup of tea, doing some light reading, or the highly-recommended before-bed journalling! If you want to take this one step further, yoga and meditation is a highly regarded practice for the before-bed routine. This will help you to clear your mind and relax your body.

Otherwise, why not let yourself be seated in your plush sofa or chic armchair for a couple of minutes? By doing so you’ll be able to mark the end of the day and indicate to your body that it can now relax.

Norman Side Table | Asta Queen Bed Base | Nero Table Lamp | Monsteria Artificial Plant.


Getting enough sleep and sleeping well is the key to a quality life. Whatever the sleep ritual, it's important to create a positive and relaxing one! We hope with these simple tips, you can now rest easily + stylishly.