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Interior Spotlight | Coffee Tables to Add the Finishing Touch to Your Living Area

Nowadays, a coffee table is not solely a place to hold your coffee cups. Modern-day coffee tables are used not only for their functional purpose but also for a finishing touch – the piece that accents the whole space.

A coffee table can be a perfect feature in your living room. With these tips, you can show your guests how chic and stylish your living space can be!

A vase on top

There are times when minimalism rules, but the plain coffee table in a living room should not be left plain! Add a vase of fresh flowers;it makes a great accessory that is not only pretty but also thoughtful. Or you can simply pile old books on the middle of your coffee table.

Place some fabric on top

To create a vintage-like living space, you can cover your small coffee table with a woven fabric. It creates a sense of an English feeling.

Put a tray on it

When your modern coffee table seems too large, you can narrow down the size by adding a tray on top of it. A tray is a great layer that also gives protection to your table’s surface from coffee spills!

Natural elements

A coffee table with natural elements can add a refreshing and relaxing mood to the whole space. This touch of nature makes for great decor that also makes you feel good. Natural elements can add an interesting and pretty dimension to the table, and it’s also a budget friendly decoration project.

Simple is better

This mid century style coffee table has a simple design and arrangement. It matches any type of room theme and it also doesn’t take up too much space in the living room. Now you can decor your home with manageable contemporary designs of coffee tables.

Modern coffee table

Modern coffee tables have different and unique shapes. They are considerably different from a conventional table – which is why they make a great accent to a minimalist room. When choosing a color, pick a dominant shade from the surroundings. Now a days, Modern coffee glass tables are huge in demand.

Play with heights

When arranging a coffee table in a living room, composition does matter. For instance, playing with heights – medium, small, high – of the furniture can add depth to a room.
What kind of coffee table do you prefer for your living area?