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How To | Smart Tips for Keeping White Furniture White

Are you one of those people who refrain from buying white furniture because you think it’s difficult to maintain? If you answered “yes,” you are not alone. Many homeowners refrain from buying white furniture because it attracts dirt easily. However, maintaining the immaculate appearance of white furniture isn’t as hard as you think. If you have your heart set on a white sofa or chair, get it and use these tips to keep it looking clean and radiant: 

Treat the Fabric with Stain Guard 

Depending on the type of fabric used on the sofa or chair, you can keep stains off by using stain guard. Stain resistant chemicals can be easily found in department stores or hardware stores. There are specific stain resistant products made for leather furniture pieces. When choosing stain resistant products, find out the specific material used on the chair and understand how it reacts to certain chemicals. Some furniture pieces are treated with stain resistant materials before purchase.

Clean Small Spots with Fabric Cleaners 

If you have white furniture, chances are a few spots may appear from time to time. You may accidentally spill some juice, pop, or pizza sauce on your white couch or chair. Remedy this by wiping up the spill before it becomes a stain. Chairs that are treated with stain guard are more resistant to stains than those which are untreated. If the stain still remains after wiping, use a fabric cleaner to remove it.

Watch What You Wear 

Some dyes used in clothing can stain white furniture easily. In order to avoid staining furniture with your clothes, find out which fabrics are kind to white furniture and buy lounging clothes made from those fabrics. Additionally, dyes and inks from newspapers and magazines can also be transferred to white furniture. When reading a magazine or newspaper, try and keep it away from the couch or chair.

White furniture gives a room a clean, elegant look that is unmatched by coloured or patterned furniture. The above techniques will help you to take good care of your furniture and keep it looking brand new.