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Interior Spotlight | Why Hall Tables Are Important and Not to Forget About Them

The entryway is the first area your guests lay eyes on, so why not make it into a space worthy of a positive impression? Have a cluttered, overlooked foyer ‘welcoming’ you home and you’ll end up throwing your shoes onto the pile and speeding towards the living room to rest in your favorite armchair. But that’s not the most pleasant way of arriving into your own private den, is there? You can help transform your hallway into a space that represents you and the style of your home, making it inviting, beautiful and bright and best way to start the change is with the hall table. And the foyer isn’t the only place a console table can shine, as this piece of furniture is immensely versatile and can easily transform many areas of your home for the better.

Hall tables, or console tables, are taller, narrow pieces of furniture designed to fit small rooms, placed strategically against the wall. Due to their practical shape, they take up less floor space and it’s because of that ingenious design that they’re seen as multipurpose furniture items, successfully replacing many other pieces known for having a single function.

Returning to the foyer situation, a familiar image arises. Indeed, the entry way is a sure magnet for grab-and-go items which aren’t going anywhere at the end of the day, so they end up forming clutter. This is where the hall table comes into place. A practical console table is synonym with clever storage solution, offering plenty of drawer and/or shelving space you can use as aesthetically-pleasing landing spot for keys, mail, bags and even shoes. And when paired with a conveniently-sized wall-mounted mirror, it provides the perfect place to do a final check-up before rushing out the door.

Let’s go beyond the entryway now. Perhaps your home doesn’t even have a long enough hallway to begin with. But you can still have a hall table you can gorgeously put to use. Since they’re narrow design makes them perfect to place alongside a wall, you can take advantage of a console table to turn it into a feature wall, offering a structuring base and thus enhancing mirrors and pieces of art.

Hall tables can also serve an aesthetic and practical purpose in living rooms and dining rooms, replacing bulky sideboards or acting as occasional serving tables.

Can’t find a suitable work surface or a desk narrow enough to fit a small home office? Use hall tables endowed with drawers where you can store paperwork and writing tools. The PC can fit snuggly under the table, whereas the top provides sufficient space for a flat screen, keyboard and mouse. If you’re a laptop user, even better!

And last but not least, hall tables offer the ideal alternative for a bedroom vanity, which often come in chic but bulky designs. Add a striking mirror and a stylish stool or chair and you’re all set!