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How To | A Complete Guide To Melbourne’s Best Furniture Store

Interior Secrets is an authentic Australian furniture brand retailer.  Every part of our business is based in Australia.  We love being able to provide you with home decor and furniture that stands above the competition.  We believe that we are the best because we want the best for YOU.

Interior Secrets goes above and beyond to provide you with a diverse selection of furniture at the best prices, with cheerful customer service throughout the process.  We take the beauty of your home decor very seriously, but we also like to make it fun!  If you want to know what our secret is… It’s that we have designer furniture for un-designer prices.  We skip the middleman and send furniture straight to you, eliminating major costs and saving you money.

If you’d like to see products first hand, visit one of our two showrooms in Melbourne.  You can also easily shop our entire catalog online from the comfort of wherever you are.  We ship the furniture and decor that you purchase throughout all of Australia.

Guide to best furniture store in Melbourne

This complete guide to Melbourne’s best furniture store, Interior Secrets, will help you better understand all that we can offer you.

If you want to completely makeover a room, or if you just want to find a piece for a specific area in your home, shop Interior Secrets by room.  We have a large selection of furniture to choose from so that you can find the perfect piece to fit your room’s interior design needs.

If you like furniture sets, we have those, too!  A complete dining set like the Scandinavian-inspired Johansen Dining Package is natural, inviting, and versatile.  Its style would easily compliment nearly any dining room design.

Do you only need one piece to stand out in your living room?  The “Cocktail Round Marble Table With Brass” is the perfect showstopping piece.  The intricate brass base combined with the elegant marble tabletop will leave your guests asking, “Where do you shop for your decor?”  Make sure that you tell them your secret – “Interior Secrets!”

You can find the perfect furniture pieces and decor for the following rooms and areas at Interior Secrets:

Furniture Shop - Melbourne Based

What style of decor do you prefer in your home? Do you like one style throughout, or do you like to blend styles that compliment each other?  A very popular combination is to pair the Louis Ghost White Dining  Armchair, a Philippe Starck replica, with a solid and sturdy table like the rustic Titan Reclaimed ELM wood dining table. The modern chair and vintage table seem an unlikely pair, but look very beautiful when paired together.  If you’re going specifically for one style, walk through out furniture shops in Melbourne or search through online our many genres of designer pieces:

Another way our customers like to search for furniture is by material.  If you love walnut more than oak, search the walnut furniture section.  If you want to use reclaimed wood instead of newly source wood, shop our Reclaimed Timber section.

Style Hub Inspiration

The Interior Secrets blog is another great place to learn about styling your rooms and the furniture that we have to help you do so.  We keep you up to date with the top trends and some of our favorites in each furniture category.  Look to the blog when you need design inspiration, or just want to fawn over pretty interior pictures.

If you still want to know more, you can send your enquiries via our Contact page.  We’d be happy to assist in making your Interior Secrets experience the best shopping experience you’ll ever have!