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Trend Alert | Furniture Designed for Total Relaxation

With summer holidays just around the corner, there’s no better time to invest in some furniture designed for total relaxation. Whether that means losing yourself in a book, drinking a glass of wine while catching up on your shows or simply putting your feet up after a long day at work, we’ve got just the piece for you.

The Chaise Lounge

Chaise lounge chairs make for great additions to living areas, bringing comfort and style in one piece. These timeless staples come with visual appeal and luxury and can spruce up any kind of home.

From country style to industrial or contemporary rooms, chaise lounge chairs are easy to incorporate with already existing furniture; and can also stand as great pieces simply on their own, making your room look fresh and inviting. If you feel like relaxing and having a movie marathon in complete bliss; chaises are ideal for the theatre or lounge room giving you the perfect time out. All you need to bring are snacks.


Curl up with your favourite novel, soak in the sunshine or host a sleepover. More visible than ever, daybeds are becoming prominent living room staples over large lounge sets especially within smaller spaces. Particularly among younger demographics, daybeds have been adopted as the visual showpiece of many modern apartments whilst providing plenty of room for leisure and relaxation. These versatile pieces come compacted with comfort and extra space, perfect to lounge around in. They also serve as great alternatives to beds, ideal for accommodating guests without the need of a spare room.

The Amazing Eames Lounge

The Eames lounge chair (designed by Charles and Ray Eames) prides itself in its unique, tasteful and iconic design and is the perfect company in any room in your home. With its accompanying ottoman, the Eames offers more than your average sitting chair. Padded with cushion and a timeless design allows for this chair to not only provide maximum luxury, but also suits all types of interiors.

Sit this piece in an office room to write your work in total comfort or place it in a bed or lounge room to create the ultimate relaxation zone.