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Interior Spotlight | Hans Wegner Designer Furniture - Beauty Meets Function

The name Hans Wegner is synonymous with designer quality furniture. Although he initially trained to be a cabinet maker and an architect, Hans discovered an affinity for working with wood that made him renown worldwide. During his lifetime, the chair maker produced more than 500 chairs some of which can be found in the world’s best museums. Hans Wegner chairs are known for their timeless appeal and modern shapes.

Mr. Wegner had a love for natural materials and created furniture that was functional and beautiful. He made mid-century Danish designs famous internationally. Hans Wegner wishbone chairs showcase some of his most famous designs. As other mid-century designers were creating chairs from plastic and steel, Hans stuck with wood and created a classic chair. The wishbone chair was first introduced in 1950 and remains one of Mr. Wegner’s most identifiable designs to date. Hans Wegner wishbone chairs are available in natural wood and various colors. 

Another chair that sets the ultimate standard for comfort is the papa bear chair. This chair invokes the animal kingdom with its naturally playful and organic aspects. The chair’s distinctive name has an interesting story behind it. A critic stated that the armrests were like “great paws that embraced one from behind” and the chair’s name was born. It was designed by Mr. Wegner in 1951 and offers affordable luxury without compromising on structure. 

The Hans Wegner plank chair is a stunning example of a beautiful design from all angles. The chair features thick-padded, soft back and seat cushions with a solid timber frame, color-rich fabric upholstery, and a minimalist design. Lounge chairs due to its effortless style fits easily into any modern setting. 

Our furniture combines form and function. Every design is created to provide ultimate comfort and beauty. It’s no wonder Hans J. Wegner is the master of Danish chair design.