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How to | Achieving the Modern Mid-Century Style and Nailing It

Where did it all begin?

Modern mid-Century is a style that has remained perpetually in trend and in demand until this day. It’s easily distinguished through its use of sleek lines, minimal decor, and organic inspiration. Although there’s always a debate about when this movement started, it reached its all-time peak between the 1930s-1960s.


Modern mid-century style was born through the American love and study of both the International and Bauhaus styles, and is now utilised and adored globally. Its purpose was to propel the transformation of post-war homes into a modern era, fitted with bold designs, new materials, and furnished forms.


What does it look like? 

It’s been incorporated in a range of mediums such as interior, architecture, graphic design, and urban planning. If this style was a person, its motto would be ‘form follows function’. Meaning, the shape of an object or building should first and foremost be related to its intended function and/ or purpose. 


This well-loved design movement takes on many shapes and forms, such as natural curves, graphic patterns, simple lines, and striking accents. Think space-age shapes and colours meets modernism minimalism and uncluttered spaces.



How can you achieve it? 

Recast your designs and refurnish with bold innovation in mind. You can easily break this process down by looking at three key elements: build and space, furniture and accessories, and lastly, colour palette and patterns.


Build and Space

Modern mid-century houses give way to a lot of open space. It focuses heavily on the organic and natural world, bringing as much light and air into the space as possible. How can you achieve this style? Highlight picturesque scenery whilst adding minimal accents to your windows and floors.

Furniture and Accessories

When furnishing, keep an eye out for eye-catching mid-century furniture, including retro couches, feature lighting, mid-century coffee tables, and stylish bar carts. Since the mid-century modern look is very minimal, take the time to select your furniture pieces and decor. A handful of items has the power to completely transform your home to look like the set of Mad Men. On the other hand, too many items won’t allow for functionality and simplicity.


Colour Palette and Patterns

Incorporate bursts of colours from your wallpaper to centrepieces to statement wall art. The use of tangerine, pewter grey, lime green, soft yellow, and muted red can effortlessly elevate your home from contemporary to modern mid-century.


If you’re looking to enhance your space further, opt for geometric shapes, and complimentary sofa fabrics and patterns.


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Modern mid-century is about colour, fun shapes and lines, new materials, and celebrating the old with the new. It’s an innovative style that allows you to furnish with your own designs and personality, creating a homey space that is vibrant yet cosy! It’s an ageless look that will never go out of style. Make your space graceful with scandi tv unit!