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How to | Choosing the Right Office Chair

Although home decor often captures most of the attention when it comes to interior design, it’s important to put the same amount of care and consideration into furnishing your office. An integral part of your work space, office furniture is important for the comfort and overall feel of every work environment. One of the most important pieces of this puzzle are office chairs. From the most basic and functional chair to complex ergonomic designs with a multitude of features, the ideal office chair should be both comfortable and attractive.

Increased Health and Productivity

It’s quite mind-boggling when you think about it. The average worker spends at least 40 hours a week on the job. That amounts to approximately 2,000 hours sitting at a desk each year. That’s a long time spent sitting in an office chair, especially if that chair is poorly-designed and uncomfortable. Employers who don’t invest in good-quality chairs for their employees can expect to see a high number of problems with back strain. This translates into more sick days taken off from work. Ill-fitting office chairs also cause fatigue and the need for frequent breaks throughout the day.
Ergonomic chairs are an excellent solution to the fatigue, muscle strain and general discomfort that is caused by sitting for long periods of time in a low-quality chair. These chairs have features that are designed with comfort and support in mind. A low-profile armless office chair works wonderfully in smaller work spaces. Behind a larger desk, you can opt for a full-featured design like the ergohuman office chair. It has adjustable armrests, back angle adjustments and a headrest to lean on as you ponder your next strategic move.

How to Choose an Ergonomic Chair

No matter which style fits your office space and decorative style the best, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind as you shop for office chairs for yourself or employees.

Seat Back: A well-designed seat back will conform to the shape of the spine. The back should curve inward to provide excellent lumbar support. Mesh chair with an adjustable lumbar support is ideal so that the user can choose the height and angle that works best for them. An office chair with a mesh back helps keep its occupant comfortable by keeping them cool. Our Nix mesh office chair is a great choice that combines support and cool comfort.

Seat Height: A chair that’s not adjustable can leave shorter individuals with their legs dangling, while taller folks may feel as though they’re perched on doll furniture. An ergonomic office chair with an adjustable seat allows feet to rest comfortably on the floor without knee strain or leg cramping.

Arm Rests: Although an ergonomic chair doesn’t have to have arm rests, they’re really nice to have during an extremely long workday. Arm rests allow the chair user to relax their arms for a bit, taking the strain off of their shoulders and neck. A chair like this Alpha plus design has adjustable arm rests. This is helpful because for ultimate comfort, arm rests should be at the same level as the surface of the desk.

Send the Right Message

Apart from comfort, the other consideration when choosing office chairs is style. All of your office furniture should tell employees and visitors that your office is cutting-edge and professional, and your office chairs are no exception to this rule. Perhaps the most important place to send this message is in the board room. As this is the place where you’ll meet with potential clients and work with the key players inside your company to make important decisions, comfort and professionalism in the board room is critical. Ergonomic boardroom chairs with mesh backs will look beautiful while providing individualized comfort for everyone at the meeting. If your company’s vibe is more eclectic, outfit your board room in colorful management leather office chairs (available in yellow, white and black).

Whether you’re shopping for individual work stations or outfitting an entire board room, sleek and stylish office chairs can be found that will please employees and visitors alike. No matter which design you choose, ergonomic office chairs send a clear message to your employees and your clients: You’re professional and you really care about their comfort. With an attitude like that, success awaits you! 

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