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How To | Save Money on Designer Furniture Through Online Shopping

In furniture – just like in fashion – getting your hands on designer pieces means partially saving your income for more months than you’re willing to wait to see your home or commercial space properly furnished. If being style-conscious is synonym with owning designer furniture, you’re probably one of the gazillion people that want to save money while caught in brand names. How exactly can one accomplish that? Through online shopping!

Smaller retail prices

Even designer furniture can have much lower costs when you shop online than when purchasing from stores. That’s because online companies either own or rent a warehouse – or they source directly from the manufacturer, cutting the middleman from the equation and also saving money on staff, rent etc. You might not see the difference when buying a designer pendant lamp, but when your whole living space is housing designer pieces, so will your wallet nestle added $ bills.

Sales and discounts

Getting online deals is always welcomed and preferred to walking from store to store in the attempt to find a huge deal that will allow you to surround your newest sofa acquisition with a duo of companions, be it armchairs or table lamps. Internet retailers always offer discount prices, especially in January and July. That is because new collections usually enter the stores twice a year, respectively in February and August, and online companies hurry to sell old, remaining items and make room for the new.

Free shipping

Let’s be honest: shipping fees can often be a deal breaker after you’ve spent half a salary on designer lounge furniture. The costs of bringing your latest purchases home can be so significant, you actually start wondering whether it’s worth pursuing your designer shopping frenzy after all, settling for a timeless, no-name design acquired from your local furniture retailer. This is where online shopping comes in because purchasing from an internet retailer usually comes with zero costs of delivery attached!

Designer replicas

What is the definition of original nowadays when, just like in fashion, furniture designers inspire themselves from the creations of others? Buying knock-offs is a rising trend amongst people who are willing to buy the name along with the actual piece but what happens when buying the name comes with a price tag that may as well ruin your vacation plans for the whole year? Let’s take the famous Lounge Chair and Ottoman by dearest Charles and Ray Eames whose creational drive was backed up by the desire to introduce great designs to the masses, coming up with superior furniture designs that anyone could afford. Now? The original comes with a hefty price tag that would make this designer couple turn in their graves.
Even less costly designer furniture can be associated with a premium reproduction at half the price, and thus still represent a real temptation and a priority purchase over the original when sketching a shopping list on a budget. See the example of iconic CH20 Elbow Chair by prolific Danish designer Hans Wegner, which is one of those chairs people can’t get enough of due to its minimalist elegance, coveting it for its stylish and oh-so-versatile aesthetic, or simply loving its wide profile and comfy seat. But with the original retailing at $695, and the reproduction – at $300, it’s not hard to guess why the online designer replica industry is continuously flourishing.