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Trend Alert | Most Popular Furniture Styles So Far 2016

2016. Even though it is February it is still a New year, and a new year means new decorating plans! It’s not easy to follow up on your New Year’s resolutions when you don’t know where to start, torn between various furniture styles tempting the eye on Pinterest, home decor magazines and reputable interior design blogs. We decided to make things easier by giving you the scoop on the most popular furniture styles so far 2016, incorporating trends with some serious longevity. These styles were popular in the past, are all the rage now and we’ll inspire decorating plans for years to come.

Eclectic Style

Because no industry-defined parameter will ever be more important than personal taste. An attractive aesthetic becomes a home when it reflects personal choice and if that choice fuses two, three separate styles, so be it. Create your own personalized space by ensuring comfort and stimulate the eye through timeless, individual styles and make it work!

The Minimal Look

So you’re the kind of person that likes to keep everything in view and within easy reach. That until you see minimal style living spaces and you start wondering if it’s worth tossing everything out and starting fresh. It is. Minimal furniture is the key element towards achieving a clean, relaxing and beautiful look and the best thing about today’s minimal style pieces is that you don’t have to compromise storage in order to instill an airy vibe that’s easy on the eye. Sleek, compact and clever storage are few of the words characterizing minimal furniture today.

Classic rustic

And we’re talking cottage/farmhouse, shabby chic and French provincial styles that, adapted to modern times, are all about mingling vintage-inspired and classic rustic pieces with modern and contemporary furniture you already possess. It’s not about stepping back in time and getting stuck there, it’s about taking pieces that elevate your spirits and warm up your space and making them your own.

Danish & Scandinavian

Who doesn’t like a dash of Scandinavian into their environment? Or full-on Scandinavian-inspired decor? If you’ve always been a fan of this style or it was only recently that it started to grow on you, the picture doesn’t get any clearer than that: the Nordic look continues to creep into our homes and hearts and no one wants to lift a finger. Except if we’re referring to that gorgeous sofa that demands some extra hard work carrying into the living room. Scandinavian style is neat, organized and drenched into wooden accents that will never grow old.


When you see the green wave approaching, you don’t swim against it, you go with the flow. Not everyone is prepared to take actions against environmental issues like deforestation and global warming, but you can make a statement through the furniture you choose to incorporate into your home décor. Salvaged wood, vintage and antique styles, reclaimed, upcycling, recycling, are all environmentally-friendly, economic ways of bringing natural, textural aesthetic into contemporary spaces overwhelmed by man-made materials. It is a trend that has reached peak importance in 2016 and it’s no longer questionable to see blunt coffee tables made of unfinished tree trunks next to sleek, ultra-modern sofas.