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Interior Spotlight | Popular Natural Oak Furniture

Why oak wood?

Oak wood is a weighty hardwood, thick and dense, featuring an open grain, denoting strength, sturdiness and reliability unlike others woods used in furniture today. It can preserve its appeal even in wet conditions and is highly resilient against fungal and insect attacks. Solid oak has been used to build war vessels from ancient times and became widely used in the Middle Ages, furnishing prestigious European buildings like the House of Commons. It is said that much of the British Empire’s strength relied on the use of oak wood. Ergo, it shouldn’t come as a surprise why natural oak furniture represents the foundation of the popular English furniture style.

Natural appearance

Oak wood makes for the perfect timber to create a relaxing ambiance. Furniture crafted from oak seems to have a universal appeal thanks to its incredible strength, resistance and its rich grain and warm colour tones. Its natural aesthetic and timeless look makes oak wood the safest choice for many homeowners. Not all may furnish their entire living space with natural oak pieces, instead, it is the wood of choice for the type of furniture we use the most: coffee tables, desks, dining tables or wardrobes, the pieces that easily deteriorate when made from softer woods or veneers. And even if damaged, oak wood is easily repairable and in the eventuality of a décor update, it can be stained and upgraded to mould itself to the style you want. It is amongstthe most versatile wood materials you’ll ever find, second only to pine!

Popular oak furniture styles

Speaking of versatility, does oak wood lend only images of traditional furniture in your mind? It’s only natural it does, after all, it represents the main element used to create the renowned English and American country and rustic styles. But the magnetism and allure of natural oak wood doesn’t stop here. This type of wood will never grow out of style and if traditional oak furniture looks dated to you, simply direct your attention towards contemporary, reclaimed and industrial styles that are so fashionable right now! Contemporary furniture is sleek and sturdy and imparts casual sophistication to any living space. And if the distressed look is more your thing, oak wood can easily create the reclaimed feel into your home or harness a utilitarian appeal when featuring a whitewashed finish and combining it with vintage and industrial pieces.