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How To | Secret Home Decor Contrasting Tips

Just how you use layers in fashion to create a distinct style and stay warm, you can use layering in your home decor. And although this does a great job keeping your home cozy in winter, you can layer in summer too, giving your home décor a fresh, new look with every season.

Layering is all about creating dimension, texture, adding visual interest and depth, not to mention you can easily get away with a less attractive range of sofa or flooring option simply by hiding them under pretty fabrics.

There are plenty of ways you can use layering for the benefit of your home décor. It doesn’t even have to be expensive as you can use cheaper items as base, then splurge on smaller-sized, designer fabrics. Perhaps you aren’t willing to invest in a décor piece with a specific pattern or colour concerned it might grow out of style sooner than you’d expect. This is why it’s always better to go with safer options in larger sizes, then pick your favorite character-filled items and do some wise, budget-friendly layering.

Your base layering should always be hardwearing, neutral and affordable. Think soft blankets, covers, bedspreads and high quality rugs in soft, natural fibres, monochrome or subtly patterned, obviously with small price tags attached. Then update the look of your sofa, bed, table top or your flooring with smaller, thinner fabrics whose purpose is to define your décor and inject personality and warmth into your living space. Being in a smaller size, you can afford to splurge on bold colours and patterns, pieces you’ve always coveted but said ‘no’ to, preferring the safer, neutral option. Now you can enjoy both! Whether it’s a floral table top cover, an animal print blanket, tribal-inspired bedding pieces or that super colourful rug that makes you smile from under the coffee table, use layering to ensure a proper foundation for your décor, then the right accent to show off your style and achieve a fabulous, trend-conscious home aesthetic.

Play around with colours and patterns. You don’t have to be a print-savvy to get the right contrast. You’d be surprised how beautiful the combination of two completely different prints can make. And hey, if you don’t get it right the first time, keep in mind the change is not permanent. That’s the beauty of layering. Consider that next time you see two adjacent walls painted in shades that make your heart cringe.