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How To | Soft Pastel Coloured Furniture Tips

Pastels are often ignored when selecting which colours to incorporate into your living space, as they have the reputation of being too sweet and girly. That’s not entirely true. You can enjoy having your home furnished in soft pastel colours if you choose the right tones and make them work in your setting by balancing them with neutral shades like crisp white and moody grey and black. Another aspect worth considering is the material and design of your soft pastel coloured furniture. Opting for pieces in raw, edgy materials, as well as boasting sleek, contemporary lines steers pastel into a chic, sophisticated, grown-up direction, further away from excessively-feminine or childish looks.

Tips for decorating with soft pastel coloured furniture

There are bright and sugary sweet pastels, and then there are the soft ones, particularly those tones so subtle they can pass as neutrals. Choosing them as main colour scheme for your furniture will provide the level of versatility needed to make sure they’re not impairing for your décor ideas.

If candy-like hues are not your thing, choose pastels with dark, murky undertones such as lilac grey, moss green, pale mustard or dusty rose.
Make a dramatic statement by focusing on a single pastel accent in a sea of neutrals. Create interest in a monochromatic environment by choosing a furniture piece in a vibrant pastel shade, and you won’t feel as if you’re committing to a girly aesthetic.

A simple way to harden soft pastels and make them look edgy is to pick furniture pieces with industrial finishes and crafted using raw, distressed and reclaimed materials that will toughen up your décor and give it an eclectic, masculine, rustic or earthy vibe depending on your choices. For a sophisticated, contemporary look, pair pastel furniture with metallic accents, as well as pieces made of glass or natural stone.

Awake from a pretty, powdery theme that doesn’t reflect your style by throwing bold, clashing colours into the mix. For example, you can use red as a way to inject an energetic vibe into your interiors and jazz up pale pink, straw yellow or lavender coloured furniture.

Soft pastel coloured furniture styles

If you do aspire to a gentle, feminine look in the form of shabby chic furniture, do choose soft pastel furniture as your primary focus in achieving this aesthetic. Even though white is a representative tone for vintage chic style, certain pastels like pale pink, mint green, moss green, lavender or duck-egg blue are ideal tones for a shabby chic look, particularly in distressed furniture and antique pieces.

To give your home a modern, gender-friendly appearance, strive to find soft pastel furniture in cool, contemporary designs. For example, an ultra-modern, architectural metal coffee table or a sleek sofa will lose some of its cutesy vibe and take on a refined, seriously sophisticated appearance.