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Style Focus | Modern Industrial

Worn-out wood, brick walls, and exposed metal – a tell-tale sign of industrial styled space. But don’t be put off by the industrial details of the style. That’s where the charm comes from – the raw finishes, the age of a building, and an appreciation for age-old materials. The style is more commonly known as modern industrial, and incorporating elements of the trend adds a stylish edge to the decor.


Most commonly seen in urban lofts or cafes, industrial spaces make old-looking details look new and refined. And most often, the industrial style embraces simplicity to let these raw and old details shine, making everything uncluttered and refreshing. If you’ve been admiring these industrial urban lofts and warehouse conversions, then it’ll be great to start incorporating some industrial elements and textures into your decor for a refreshing update.


Modern and Minimal

Modern industrial is on-trend thanks to the raw simplicity it promotes, focusing on letting the industrial details speak for themselves. It’s important to note that industrial elements are strong and you should not over-style a space – no matter how tempting. Avoid cluttered spaces or bulky furniture if you want those details to shine. So, that means little furniture and more floor space. Opt for simple furniture designs that don’t demand attention away from the industrial textures.


Melvin Coffee Table.


However, if your space doesn’t have any exposed brick or metal, then look for furniture pieces that embrace the industrial elements and make a statement in the home.


Simple Materials

Unassuming and simple materials are much loved in industrial design. Metal is the go-to material to achieve a raw and retro look. Concrete is another great material that adds clean lines to the space for a more refined take on industrial design.


Carlos Dining Table | Tisha Dining Chair.


Choose rough textures and matte finishes overshine or chrome to evoke a vintage or rustic flair in the space. Any materials with wear and tear textures help elevate industrial elements and create a cohesive decor in the space.


Cool Colours

The colour schemes for industrial spaces are more limited compared to other styles. Opt for cool tones to reflect the raw materials like concrete or metal. Natural neutrals, like white, grey or cool browns, work great to tie your furniture and decor together.


If neutrals are too simple for your tastes, you can slowly and thoughtfully add other colours to the decor. Keep it limited to cushions and wall art, which are interchangeable if you want to try different combinations down the line.


Julian Iron Armchair |  Industrie Floor Lamp.


Keep it Simple

It’s easy to overthink it, but try not to. Industrial spaces don’t force you to overthink styling. That’s why it’s rising in popularity with many people. Modern industrial, whether it has a rustic or sophisticated edge, embraces the simplicity and the rawness of materials – even the imperfections. So, if you appreciate the simpler things in life, give the industrial style a go-to transform your home with a modern edge.