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FATHER’S DAY GIVEAWAY - Chance to WIN a Papa Bear Lounge Chair + Ottoman

This competition is for all the papa bears out there! We’re giving you the chance to WIN a Papa Bear Lounge Chair + Ottoman to gift this Father’s Day. This set in light grey is valued at $1,070 – so you gotta be in it to win it! To enter: Follow us...

How To | 5 Quick and Easy Tips to Style Your Sofa

We all can agree that one of the best feelings after a long day is sitting down on the sofa and relaxing! The seating in a living area serves as much more than just a place to sit. Sofas are where we congregate to talk about our day, to watch movies, to have game nights, eat delicious snacks, and much...

Interior Spotlight | 3 Pieces to Maximize Your Office Productivity

Working a job can be hard, but your chair doesn’t have to be!  Comfort is an important aspect in every workplace. There have been many studies conducted based on how the furniture we use affects our bodies. Ergonomics plays a large role in how people select their furniture. Here at Interior Secrets, we keep comfort and usability in mind,...

How To | A Complete Guide To Melbourne’s Best Furniture Store

Interior Secrets is an authentic Australian furniture brand retailer.  Every part of our business is based in Australia.  We love being able to provide you with home decor and furniture that stands above the competition.  We believe that we are the best because we want the best for YOU. Interior Secrets goes above and beyond to provide you with a...

Interior Spotlight | Office Furniture Picks

Outfitting your office with quality lounge furniture in Australia is no easy task. Interior Secrets has a wide range of office furniture from top Scandinavian inspired designs and built with extreme care in Australia. Our handcrafted quality as well as the unique art piece designs that we have to offer, set us apart from our competition. With so many different...

Interior Spotlight | Designer Ottomans

A good quality and well-built designer Ottoman is one of the best ways that you can create a versatile sitting space within your home. With a well-designed Ottoman you could have a functional piece of furniture that can be used to very easily put your feet up, hold a drink, sit on and more. An ottoman is far more than...

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