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Interior Spotlight | Designer Ottomans

A good quality and well-built designer Ottoman is one of the best ways that you can create a versatile sitting space within your home. With a well-designed Ottoman you could have a functional piece of furniture that can be used to very easily put your feet up, hold a drink, sit on and more. An ottoman is far more than just a footrest and investing in one that will last you over many years can be a great move for the design of your space. At Interior Secrets, we provide different types of ottomans and each one is created with quality and longevity in mind. Here are some of the most versatile pieces and the best products from Interior Secrets, a designer store of ottomans online:


Denim Patchwork Square ottoman: This uniquely styled ottoman resembles furniture that has been created using scraps of old jeans. It is equally as tough as some of your favorite pairs of blue jeans and is hand stitched in the pattern created. This is a soft ottoman that is perfect for use as a footstool, extra seating or as a coffee table. With a multicolored pattern of denim this ottoman would fit in perfectly for almost any type of home. It works very well as a decor piece and as an accent to any room. Consider matching it with a red chair or perhaps even denim styled furniture for a unique and handcrafted look.

Seychelles Easy ottoman: With a black or white finish this simple ottoman would double well as a footstool or small table for your home. Although it may require a cover if you are planning on putting drinks on it, this table and footstool is made out of a strong metal construction so that it can rest in your living room or as an accent piece in your home for many years to come. The Sychelles easy ottoman would be an excellent addition to any type of industrial room or as an accent piece for modernist furniture. If you are looking for something simple that still boasts handcrafted quality this could be just the piece that you are looking for to fit into your décor with ease.

Genova square wooden ottoman with a cotton finish make a traditional footstool or table that would look perfect in any modern or classical living room. The Genova style ottoman is no different with its unique cotton top as well as the stylized legs. Solid wood and construction as well as a handstitched cotton top make this the perfect addition to many decor styles. This style of ottoman comes in several finishes and is reasonably priced for a classical look in a square ottoman. If you are looking for something more traditional with a slightly modern finish, this could be exactly the type of ottoman that you have been looking for.

Denver Fir Wood Stool: If you are looking for an ottoman that is primarily for seating or a foot stool you might want to consider a skinny and circular ottoman. This unique ottoman is created using hardwood as well as polyester and it comes in a few different finishes. This is the type of ottoman that you might find in a small cottage or in classical decor schemes. It sits a little higher than the average ottoman and would make a perfect footstool for certain types of chairs as well as an excellent extra seat for a smaller space. This ottoman would double as great space-saving seating that you could use in your décor scheme. With a neutral finish it would also suit the style and decor for many types of homes.

Mid century round ottoman: For a classical design look you should strongly consider a round ottoman. These are the types of Ottomans that you commonly see doubling as footstool’s and improving the look of homes throughout the world. This mid century round ottoman offers a fair surface area, it is perfect for displaying a small blanket throw, a book or even for holding a cup of tea on a tray. This mid century style ottoman is built of strong components that it comes in several unique finishes featuring leaves.

Keep any of these top ottoman designs in mind when you are looking for excellent quality ottomans for your space!