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Interior Spotlight | Dining Room Chairs Are Boring - Why Not Try Bar Stools?

When it comes to kitchen and dining room seating, people often only think of traditional chairs around the family kitchen table. While these can look great, they’re very “same-old, same-old.” To give a unique and sophisticated look to your dining space, bar stools are the way to go. You can find wooden bar stools, metal...

Interior Spotlight | The Low Stool Reveal

Low stools have been getting a lot of attention lately for their affordability, versatility, multipurpose nature and ease of customising, and it’s always very exciting to discover new ways and places to use it around your interior. Never perceived it as more than occasional seating? Take a look to find out how to enhance the decor and functionality...

How To | Simple Do’s and Dont’s For Outdoor Furniture

Are you about to spruce up your porch or patio with new outdoor furniture acquisitions? Instead of venturing into the unknown and buying something that won’t stick around much, how about you take into consideration a few do’s and don’t’s so you can reap the fruits of your shopping spree for many seasons to come? Do make...

Trend Alert | Santa’s Favourite Furniture Picks

Christmas is that time of the year when your shopping list is no longer limited to necessities and whims. Friends and loves ones they all have to be spoiled and one of the most practical and lavishing gifts you can make is furniture. If you’re familiar with their taste in home décor, there’s no reason why you can’t make a...

Interior Spotlight | Barstools for Any Setting

Made with style for every occasion, our wide range of bar stools parades luxury, comfort and aesthetic appeal perfect for accentuating the interior and exterior of your home or cafe Stools for your Bar or Cafe As the name suggests, these clever furnishings were initially created to sit under benches at pubs and restaurants in order to accommodate for...

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