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Interior Spotlight | The Low Stool Reveal

Low stools have been getting a lot of attention lately for their affordability, versatility, multipurpose nature and ease of customising, and it’s always very exciting to discover new ways and places to use it around your interior. Never perceived it as more than occasional seating? Take a look to find out how to enhance the decor and functionality of your living space adding a simple little piece like a low stool.

As bedside table

Not keen on the obvious purpose and symmetry of a nightstand, plus it’s hard to find one that matches the layout and style of your bedroom? Use a low stool as a practical, stylish and personalised addition by the bed, so you can keep essential items in handy.

Sofa or lamp table

Low stools have the perfect height to serve as sofa companions and put the remote, glasses, cellphone, a lighting fixture or simply a decorative object within your visual range.

Side table

If a side table is detrimental to your small interior or simply don’t have enough room to fit one in your current settings, use a low stool instead. It’s true that it offers limited space for display, yet you can still use it for photo frames, plant pots, vases and occasional items.

On the balcony

Speaking of small spaces, unless you’re really lucky to own a huge balcony or a patio, there’s not a lot of furniture your balcony can house. Fortunately, the practical low stool can serve as seating, table and plant stand so you can create a functional balcony and still have sufficient space to move around in.

As desk and vanity table seating

Why take up space using a conventional chair when you can grab a stool from underneath your desk or vanity table? Sure, it’s not comfortable enough to use it for hours in a row, but as long as you don’t spend too much time seated, a low stool is the better alternative.

As ladder

Want to give the kids access to sinks and counters? Place a low stool within reach in the bathroom and kitchen, or use it yourself to gain access to those tough-to-reach high cabinet doors.

In the entryway

A narrow corridor is a furnishing nightmare and if you don’t want a bench to take up all the space, use a low stool when putting on your shoes prior to leaving home.

How to coordinate low stools to match current settings

The addition of a low stool shouldn’t be an impediment in giving your living space a grounded and cohesive look. Due to their size and wide range of styles, matching low stools with existing furniture is probably the easiest thing to do when completing your décor. Take into consideration essential aspects like shape, style, colour and material, and you’ll quickly discover how well your new low stool acquisitions go together with other pieces furnishing your interior. And if you like to play with contrasts, low stools are your best buddies in making existing furniture stand out.