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How To | Picking the Perfect Bar Stools

You created the perfect kitchen space or bar area with ideal table tops, counter tops and cabinets. However, choosing the right bar stools can make or break a well-designed and furnished kitchen. Finding a modern bar stool involves a lot to consider: height, material, back, upholstery or color, or ultimately, the cost of the bar stools. You also need to keep in mind how you will be using the bar stools and how many you need to fit the space that you are working with. Sometimes bar stools are chosen because of their shape and design statement. Other choices are about layering materials or being discreet. Consider what you want your bar or counter stools to say in your kitchen.

Here is a list of some things you need to keep in mind when picking the perfect bar stools:


When you choose a bar stool, one of the biggest things that you have to keep in mind is the material that it is made out of. Take into consideration some of these different kinds of materials and how they might perfect the space you are working with.

  • Metals are an easy choice for a kitchen because they are easy to clean and you can pick a metal bar stool that matches nearly any theme. Metal stools can be stylish while being practical while also balancing out the wood cabinets in a kitchen.
  • Wood is a classic material for bar stools and different wood bar stool finishes can go great with nearly any kitchen or bar setting. From a rustic or country feel to a traditional or even a modern kitchen.Warm tones of wood stools can pull together each piece of a kitchen – from the baseboards to the top of the cabinets.At the same time, the stools don’t have to match and you can choose a wood finish that is meant to stand out.
  • Wicker has a unique feel that can be great for a lot of spaces. The wicker can be black, white or natural and ideal for many different spaces. Consider combing a light wicker with a contrasting cabinet or floor.
  • Molded plastic stools.Plastic is another favorite material when I’m looking for style and practicality. They clean up in a breeze, and white always helps brighten up a darker wood kitchen.
  • Leather is another material to consider with bar stools and can really bring together a room for a classy feel. Comfortable leather upholstery with an ideal seat and back design add a great combination of style, glamour and comfort.

Seat Design

Seat designs are also extremely important when you are considering the bar stools that you want for your kitchen or bar space. Consider some of these stool design options.

  • The partial-back stool: Partial back stools have a seat and slight back that curves up. While it is not the highest level of back support, these kind of stools do offer a slight level of support. They are ideal for a unique style and a modern feel.
  • The full-back stool: ideal for a seat with back support. The full-back stool also offers a larger splash of color to help brighten up a space.

Other things to consider:

  • Vintage designed stools are great to make a room feel homey, rustic or even country. Distressed wood and metal can create a great contrast between a modern and old space.
  • Color is always ideal when it comes to perfecting a room. The right space of color that matches or even provides a contrast. Color can also create a modern feel for a room that needs a solid update.
  • Fabric is another thing to consider with your bar stools. You can find stools that are soft and upholstered with a pattern that matches the design of the space that you are working with. If you have a pattern that you want to use on a bar stool and you can’t find it, you can get fabric and reupholster stools to match any space you want. This can also be cost-effective way to upgrade a space.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to choosing bar stools for your kitchen space. Make sure you pick something that is the right combination of material, style, height and aurora.