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How To | Simple Do’s and Dont’s For Outdoor Furniture

Are you about to spruce up your porch or patio with new outdoor furniture acquisitions? Instead of venturing into the unknown and buying something that won’t stick around much, how about you take into consideration a few do’s and don’t’s so you can reap the fruits of your shopping spree for many seasons to come?

Do make comfort your priority

Outdoor furniture that doesn’t compromise comfort over style and vice-versa is your best bet. Instead of using a poorly constructed rattan lounge chair that keeps tugging on your clothing or screeches every time you sit down or a beautiful metal dining chair whose backrest jabs into your shoulders, you should be relaxing seated in a well-build piece so comfortable you’re having a hard time getting up to walk into the house again. Invest time in researching feedback on the pieces you intend to buy and try them out before pulling the money out of your pocket. Make your sitting area elegant with stylish rattan lounge chairs.

Don’t make too many price concessions

You might be tempted to buy a cheap furniture set crafted from poor materials just because it looks decent and doesn’t require financial compromises. That would be wrong because you’ll end up replacing it sooner than expected and you’ll end up actually spending more in the long run. Don’t go for the cheapest, go for all-weather pieces you can afford after saving some money. You’ll feel proud you did and your outdoor furniture will positively surprise you for years to come.

Do research best outdoor materials to use

You might be tempted to purchase, for example, a wooden outdoor furniture set thinking that if you buy solid timber, which is strong and durable, will behave the same in an outdoor environment. Does it? Wood, just like other materials you might consider, has its weaknesses, and can suffer biological attacks and damage from environmental agents like sunlight and moisture. If the wooden look is what you’re after, find out what’s the best wood to use outside and proceed in same manner researching other materials you’re drawn to.

Do take into account the particularities and layout of your outdoor space

You should be able to relax, move around and host the activities you’re interested in and your outdoor furniture should support you in your decisions instead of becoming an impediment. What will you do with a small table if you love large gatherings? How will you sunbathe in the lack of a spacious lounge chair? And how will you be able to enjoy the stability of a high stool if its frame is digging into grass or soft ground? Choose the size, material and design of your outdoor furniture to suit the unique attributes of your environment instead of wasting time trying to make them a good match when they’re evidently not.

Don’t make excesses

So you like to mix and match. And you have to have that lime dining chair just because it’s cute and you like the colour. You will end up overcrowding your space and instead of looking like a stylish, low maintenance retreat, it will more likely resemble a hot mess. Your outdoor space should be functional and practical. If it has no other purpose other than just sitting there looking pretty, do not buy it!