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Trend Alert | Modern Red Decor

Red is the colour of love, fun, and power. It can be many things but one thing we can be sure of is that red is the colour that demands attention wherever it goes. Given its demanding nature, it can be scary to use. But you can style red to bring the best of the energetic colour and use it to make your room bold, brilliant, and eye-catching.


Red as an Accent Colour

Being an active colour, using it as an accent colour will emphasise its strength in the room. Opt for red home decor, like cushions or mats, or a red accent armchair for that bright pop of colour. Remember to heavily contrast red accents with its surroundings for a balanced and cohesive look to the space. Place red decor or furnishings against a neutral background such as industrial styled stone and wood, black, and white. Contrasting it in an industrial space brightens the area by giving it a modern finish. Against black, red creates a bold, sultry, and luxurious atmosphere. Alternatively, using red as an accent colour against a lighter background gives the space an artistically modern vibe.


Denmark Chaise Sofa + Johansen Cofee Table.


Red as the Main Colour

If you feel daring enough and one accent colour isn’t enough for you, red can be complemented with other bright colours or be the main focus of a space. Be mindful when styling red as your main focus since using multiple accent colours can overwhelm the decor and your eyes. Aim to create a colour ‘splash’ against a neutral colour, which will break up the bright playfulness of the decor.


Ken Sofa - Dark Pink.


Using Red for Earthy Tones

So far we’ve been using red for a bold and strong accent in the home. Besides creating a sharp modern impression, red can create a warm, and a down-to-earth experience being complimented with other earthy and rosy tones such as pink, orange, and cherry wood brown. Tonal reds, such as rust and terracotta, are popular hues for 2019 to create a welcoming and modern decor. Don’t be afraid of using strong and active colours to revitalise your decor this year!