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Interior Spotlight | Which Chair Should You Have in Your Office?

Whether or not we realize, our productivity in the office tends to go hand in hand with how comfortable we are. Physical discomfort can result in not only decreased workflow, but also stress and restlessness. If this is the case for you, you better replace your current office chair! Factors like posture support and height can make all the difference. We’ve explored a few types of office chairs and their functionalities, find which best suits you.

An Ergonomic Office Chair

Ergonomic chairs are ideal for the health conscious. Typically health approved, these types of chairs are loaded with back support and soft padding throughout, aiming to train you to get the perfect posture. Because of their tendency to come in bulky sizes, ergonomic chairs have been perceived in the past as ‘unfashionable’ and aesthetically less appealing than other chairs, especially among younger workers. However, you can now consider this a myth, with a wide array of colours and designs to choose from. With such huge selections on offer, you can now be stylish and comfortable while simultaneously supporting your posture.

Mesh vs Leather Chairs

Mesh and leather chairs are both popular in office rooms. Each comes with their respective benefits, some of which you may find useful, depending on your needs for your workspace

Mesh Chairs

Mesh chairs are often found within modern workspaces and well suits contemporary furniture. They are primarily designed to provide ventilation and breathability, as the fabric allows for air to pass through the seat while being used. This keeps you constantly cool and refreshed, which is practical for long working periods and especially useful during warmer seasons.

Leather Chairs

The leather look has always been a classic at office desks, often found in executive rooms or a home library. They are more costly than mesh fabrics, however tend to have a longer durability and its natural ‘tough’ feel allows for the chair to retain its shape despite constant use. Another prominent benefit of leather office chairs is its ability to completely repel stains; a particularly handy tip for snack and coffee lovers!

Boardroom Chairs

Boardroom chairs must cater for everyone. Keeping in mind that these chairs will be seen and sat on by all types of professionals, they should look smart and consistent; stick to a unison pattern (unlike dining chairs, which look quite stylish when mismatched). When selecting boardroom furnishings always prioritize durability and comfort.

Waiting Room Seating

Like boardroom chairs, waiting room chairs must always be comfortable. Take note of the different types of guests you will accommodate for (eg. Mothers with prams, toddlers that may get impatient quickly, industry professionals that may judge service). Furnish your foyer in the style that best speaks for your company, but first ensure that you have taken into account your guest’s comfort. First impressions last forever. For the modern office, find something that is trendy and visually striking to keep visitors interested the instant they walk in. Traditional offices can opt for upholstered classics like Chesterfield-style armchairs, these always look sophisticated and inviting, but are also nice to sit and wait on.